2018 has been another busy year. I didnt have my usual big month long trip. Instead I wound up doing several shorter trips which worked well and was actually really fun. Sometimes the long trips can definitely be more daunting and feel more like work than fun. In any case I am happy to have added some nice new images to my portfolio and am looking forward to some exciting new trips in the year ahead.

My main photo shoots this year were to Jamaica in March and Alaska in June.

In addition, my workshops also had me back in Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil.

I also continued to produce new EBook content through my "Process with Me" series of Photoshop guides.

I hope you enjoy this gallery of the best of 2018!

Happy new year!


The year once again began in Colombia where I led my annual Photo Workshop in this beautiful Andean nation. It was a great tour and we had so many incredible photo opportunities.

I actually travelled down abouta week before to do some shooying in an area of the country I hadnt visited before. It was a great success and I got a tonne of good images. Most exciting was the Multicolored Tanager!



In March my wife and I went to Jamaica for a "vacation". Or perhaps more accurately an excuse for me to go photograph birds...




In March I led my annual Vancouver Island trips. Usually I dont shoot on these. But we had one day with just perfect conditions for Harlequin Ducks and I simply could not resist.

In May I had a quick visit back to Ontario to visit family and was able to sneak out in the early morning hours to get a few images.



In June I had the pleasure of flying north to Utqiagvik ("Barrow") for a week long shoot. What a trip it turned out to be!!

From the super rare Ross's Gull to the Yellow-billed Loon and all of those crazy Eiders. It was a dream trip to the land of teh midnight sun.



After a few weeks back home it was off to Brazil. This was the third year of my Atlantic Rainforest and Pantanal workshop. We had a great time and the photo opportunities for birds and Jaguars were insane.

I didnt shoot much but did pick off a few nice frames here and there.


My final trip of the year was to lead a workshop down in Costa Rica. I packed light and only brought my 100-400mm lens.

I actually didnt shoot at all on the trip. After it was over though I tracked down a few little Ground Sparrow species that live in Costa Ricas Central Valley.


2018 has been another great year of bird photography!

My 2019 plans are already taking shape. I'll be shooting in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Australia. So hopefully I'll have another good collection to share with you by this time next year.

Check back often for the latest news and images.

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