After the busy travel schedule that I took on in 2011 I decided that 2012 needed to be a bit of a slower year. I took the summer off and did very little domestic shooting this year. Even still it was a great year that found me in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Churchill, and finally on a 1 month expedition to Bolivia.

2012 started out with my usual 5 week trip to Ecuador in January to lead two very exciting bird photgraphy workshops. My camera stayed in the bag for most of the time as I was busy teaching. But some of the opportunities we had were too good to pass up and I managed a few decent frames.

Up next was a bit of quality time at home here on Vancouver Island. I had two terrific groups of workshop participants for my trips in early March and found a bit of time for myslef to get some nice low angle Harlequins.

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Before long it was time to head off again back to the tropics. I spent much of April in Costa Rica leading two more fun-filled bird photography workshops. We had some incredible Quetzal opportunities as well as lots of other good birds.

In spring I wanted to spend some time with my family back in Ontario. This provided a good opportunity to go after a few eastern species.

June found me up in northern Manitoba in beautiful Churchill. I just love it up there! We had unbelievable weather for our workshop up there and lots of very cooperative birds. It was a fantastic time! I shot very little during the workshop but did take a few nice ones.

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I spent the month of November in Bolivia searching for some of the endemic birds that live in that country. It was a real thrill to find and photograph several of my most wanted species like the Red-tailed Comet, Hooded-mountain Toucan and Black-hooded Sunbeam.

2012 has been another great year!

I have lots of fun trip ideas for 2013. So check back often for the latest news and images.

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