In September, 2022 I Headed off for a true "bucket list" kind of trip to Papua New Guinea! 

I spent about 3 1/2 weeks travelling around the Papuan half of the Island in search of the most beautiful and interesting birds I could find. The birds in Papua New Guinea are fascinating. Did you know there are poisonous birds!  Bid you know some birds can change colour right before your eyes! Of course, everyone immediately thinks of the birds of paradise when they think of Papua. And while they are indeed incredible, they can be pretty tricky to track down and photograph. I found a few birds of paradise...But along the way also encountered a nice variety of really beautiful and exciting birds.

 Below are a few of my favourite images that I hope you will enjoy...

Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

Stella's Lorikeet

Rufous-bellied Kookaburra

Red-collared Myzomella

Brown Sicklebill

Barred Owlet Nightjar

Wattled Ploughbill

Hooded Pitta

Blue-capped Ifrit (This bird is poisonous!)

Yellow-faced Myna

Red-cheeked Parrot

Flame Bowerbird

Frilled Monarch

White-shouldered Fairywren

Yellow-billed Kingfisher

White-bibbed Fruit Dove

Papuan Logrunner

Lesser Bird of Paradise

Brehm's Tiger Parrot

Lesser Bird of Paradise

Barking Owl

Crimson Finch

Belford's Melidectes

Black Sitella

Black-breasted Boatbill

Blythe's Hornbill

Brown Sicklebill

Brown-headed Paradise Kingfisher

Comb-crested Jacana

Common Smoky Honeyeater

Common Smoky Honeyeater (This bird can change it's face colour!)

Common Paradise Kingfisher

Emperor Fairywren

Flame Bowerbird

Great-billed Mannikin

Helmeted Friarbird

Hooded Mannikin

Hooded Pitohui (This bird is also poisonous!)

King of Saxony Bird of Paradise

Hook-billed Kingfisher

Blue-capped Ifrit

Grey-headed Mannikin

Torresian Imperial Pigeon

Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise

Wandering Whistling Duck

Wattled Ploughbill

Yellow-billed Kingfisher

Yellow-browed Melidictes

Palm Cockatoo

Papuan Flycatcher

Papuan Frogmouth

Emperor Fairywren

Papuan Grassbird

Comb-crested Jacana

Papuan Logrunner

Papuan Mountain Pigeon

Black Mannikin

Papuan Pitta

Papuan Treecreeper

Pied Heron

Long-billed Honeyeater

Marbled Frogmouth

Pink-spotted Fruit Dove

Plumed Whistling Duck

Plum-faced Lorikeet

Raja Shell Duck

Red-collared Myzomella

Regent Whistler

Royal Spoonbill

Sacred Kingfisher

Slaty Robin

Southern Crowned Pigeon

Starry Owlet Nightjar

Torrent Fly Robin


Ornate Melidectes

Tit Berrypecker

Australasian Swamphen

Comb-crested Jacana

Brown-headed Paradise Kingfisher

Red-collared Myzomella


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