Winter 2005

Getting started in nature photography can be a daunting experience. With the vast amount of books, websites, magazines, forums, etc. that exist it’s hard to find quality information. Type in “nature photography” into Google and the 35,300,000 hits that emerge are a perfect illustration of my point.
I have tried to compile a list of some of my favorite and most used resources for developing the skills necessary to become a successful nature photographer. I hope you find it useful.


John Shaw – Author of several books – all of which are fantastic – Shaw covers the basics of exposure and composition very well.

Arthur Morris – “The Art of Bird Photography” is probably my favorite nature photography book. From exposure basics to composition and stalking techniques Art Morris lays out essential information and gorgeous photos in a logical and easy to read package.

Martin Evening – This book is one of the best Photoshop manuals I have found. If you are going to buy a Photoshop book this would be a great choice.

Steve Bloom – “Untamed” is the ultimate coffee table book for the nature photographer. The book is filled with hundreds of pages of color photographs from Steve’s successful career and expeditions around the globe.

Your Camera’s Manual – Likely the most important photography resource in your possession. Make sure that you are absolutely familiar with all of the functions of your camera. You should be able to change settings without taking your eye from the viewfinder.

Websites / Web-forums: – This e-magazine is my favourite online resource. The monthly articles are fantastic, the forums are filled with photographs from terrific photographers and the archives section contains a wealth of information. – Another great e-magazine with fantastic articles and an extensive archive. – This forum has heaps of useful information in a searchable database. The site also has a terrific equipment review section and one of the best buy-and-sell forums on the web. – Another great e-magazine that contains some great articles and online forums.

Photo Safaris – This photo-tour site has a great archive collection of articles from well respected international nature photographers including John Shaw as well as Canadian photographer Wayne Lynch.


Popular Photography – A good magazine with a diverse collection of articles relating to all aspects of photography.

Photo Life – Canadian publication that showcases photography at its finest.

Nature Photographer – The title pretty much speaks for itself. Often has very interesting articles from around the globe.

Photography Monthly – This UK import is my favorite photography magazine. Filled with information and photographs instead of advertisements Photography Monthly is definitely worth a look.

Other Resources:

People – You probably know people who are as excited about photography as you are. Spend some time together out taking pictures and see what wisdom they have acquired and can pass on.

Photography Clubs – See if there are any photo clubs in your area. Other photographers are a great resource. If nothing else they may have some exciting field trips that you can tag along on?

Photo Workshops / Courses – Local College or community groups often offer courses that are inexpensive and very informative. Especially if you are just starting out this may be a great way to master the basics of exposure and composition.

Art – I often draw inspiration from paintings, sketches and even films - e.g. Canadian painter Robert Bateman (whose work can be seen at

Websites of Other Nature Photographers – Another great source of inspiration are your fellow nature photographers. The personal websites of your favorites will give you something to aim for as you learn your craft.