Glenn Bartley is committed to do his part for the environment and to practice sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism is an industry committed to making a low impact on the environment and local cultures, while helping to generate income and employment for local people. The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development is a positive experience for local people, tourists and local suppliers of goods and services. Below is a list of what Glenn is doing to promote sustainable tourism:

Carbon Offset Program

We encourage our participants to practise environmentally responsible travel.  Through Sustainable Travel International you can calculate the carbon footprint from your trip and offset the environmental cost by contributing to renewable energy projects and International reforestation projects.

Giving Back to the Communities We Visit

We find opportunities to contribute directly to the communities that we visit during our workshops.  This may come from purchasing souvenirs directly from local artisans, hiring local guides and supporting sustainable livelihoods of local peoples.

For example - In Ecuador we visit an Amazonian Lodge that is 100% owned and operated by an indigenous Kichwa community.

Learning about Local Cultures

During our workshops we try to find ways to incorporate the opportunity to learn about and foster respect of local cultural beliefs and traditions.

Photographs and Publications that make a Difference

The images that we create and the words we write can help to raise additional funds for conservation.

For example - 50% of the proceeds from Glenn’s book “Birds in Ecuador” go directly to the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF) to protect the habitat of birds in Ecuador. Click HERE to order your copy today!

Local Conservation

Participants from our workshops will have the opportunity to contribute directly to conservation projects in the countries that we visit.  For a list of projects and organizations that we support see the list below:

  1. Canada – Bird Studies Canada (BSC)
  2. Costa Rica – The Nature Conservancy in Costa Rica
  3. Ecuador – The Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF)


If you have any questions, or do not understand this policy as it is written here, please contact us to explain it further. Otherwise, we are assuming that you understand fully our policies as they are written in this document. You may contact us at:

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