Glenn ran an exceptional tour of Colombia, and I am very keen to travel with him again. There were a number of issues that made this workshop so enjoyable and productive. 

1) Glenn is a good teacher and he does not spend all of the workshop time padding his own portfolio.  IN fact, he shot very little and engaged himself in helping the students and setting up sites for optimal shooting.

2)  Glenn has truly first-rate expertise about birds and bird behavior.  He knew where to find the target species and he knew how they would behave in critical ways that enhanced my ability to get excellent photos.

3)  Glenn speaks fluent Spanish and he was able to communicate with all of the local site & lodge owners.  He was clearly liked and respected by the local birding community.

4)  The pacing of the trip was well thought out.  Generally, we spent one day where that was sufficient for our purposes, and we spent multiple days where this was beneficial to us getting really good shots.

5). My own personal results, in terms of really good, well composed shots, hit an all-time high on this trip. 

Thanks Glenn!!!

GG, Colombia 2023

Glenn’s capacity to create a workshop that offers variety and opportunities as well as his organizational skills made this an excellent workshop. He is an excellent teacher dedicated to client’s goals and needs in mind. With clarity and experience in his directions, skill in the field and at setups, he put us in front of subjects again and again. Five Stars.  

KM, Colombia 2023

Excellent workshop, I recommend it without any hesitation. Jess Findlay is a very knowledgeable guide and super helpful in all technical aspects of photography, he is a pleasure to travel with, his command of the Spanish language is very good and his familiarity with local customs and local connections and with lodge operators and others is impressive. The amount of bird species we saw (some 210 different species) was just amazing, and they are all so colourful and beautiful. Very, very happy with the workshop and can’t wait to go on another one of Glenn Bartley’s workshops.

AV, Ecuador 2023

Glenn is able to pay attention to all of the participants in the group; no one feels left out. He constantly checks in while we are shooting, to see if there are questions and then helps as needed. He is patient with the slow ones but always reminds us of a higher standard for better photos. He unselfishly loans out any of his equipment if someone forgot something and shares his knowledge in the same way. There are no travel concerns since everything seems calm and planned and thoughtful. Repetition is required and given.

KK, Colombia 2023

Glenn’s Colombia trip was amazing. As a non-Spanish speaker I appreciated Glenn and Juan making it very easy to navigate all aspects of the trip. Glenn’s fluency in Spanish was a tremendous advantage. The local guide Juan spoke excellent English and provided very interesting information about the country as well as the birds. With so many birds at the locations, Glenn and Juan were very helpful pointing out good opportunities. It is hard to see the “big picture” when looking through a 600mm lens so it was helpful to be told when an interesting species entered the area. Glenn was very good at giving photo tips as conditions changed from location to location. In addition to Glenn and Juan, guides at each property were extremely helpful. There were no surprises, the trip was extremely organized so participants could focus on photography. Being more of a photographer than a birder, the daily e-bird lists were extremely valuable especially as I sit keywording all my images. The accommodations were very good and I appreciated spending 2 or 3 nights in each and not having to pack up every day. The food was excellent and for the most part we could select from a menu or, if not, food restrictions were easily accommodated. I have traveled quite a bit and would highly recommend Glenn Bartley as a leader, as well as Colombia as a destination.

BP, Colombia 2023

Jess our guide was so good. Such a complete Bird nerd. I don’t think we caught him once when asking what the bird was. A great guy to travel with! Always willing to go out and explore what was in the area. I had a great time!

DF, Ecuador 2023

Exceptional bird photography workshop to Colombia! Glenn Bartley is a world class bird photographer with infinite knowledge and experience in Central and South America. He worked extremely hard to make this trip successful in many, many ways. This included visiting many locations with different habitats, expertly setting up perches and flowers to enhance the setting and continually teaching, instructing and giving personalized advice before, during and after shoots.

Glenn clearly had tremendous respect for the environment, the birds and for all the people involved with local ecotourism.

Glenn is also an absolute master with post processing!

MG, Colombia 2023

This workshop was exceptional. The trip organization and programming were thorough and meticulous. At all times every day’s program and planning was aimed at maximizing the photographic opportunities. Glenn is a very good teacher and conveys information and explains technical matters in a clear and logic way.  Both Glenn and his local guide have an excellent knowledge of the local birds and this enhances the opportunities to capture more birds more effective and efficiently. I would recommend these workshops to anyone wanting to enhance their photographic and post-processing skills.

AE, Colombia 2023

Victoria and Vancouver Island proved to be wonderful destinations while giving us an opportunity for a special photographic experience.  In addition to capturing some great images of birds in exceptional settings, I learned a number of techniques and gained a wealth of information about nature and the local wildlife.  Glenn is very knowledgeable about photography, birds, and their habitat.  He uses those skills to enhance the experience of everyone in attendance.  I also appreciated his concern for the birds.  We were afforded the opportunity to get our shots while minimizing the impact on all the creatures.  It was a wonderful workshop in an idyllic setting that I would recommend to photographers at any level.

SR, Vancouver Island 2023

Glenn’s Vancouver Island workshop was beautifully orchestrated and planned.  There was never a dull moment.  Each day brought new learning experiences and an incredible variety of birds, including two I yearned to photograph: Pileated Woodpeckers and Wood Ducks.  Glenn is always sensitive, not only to the needs of his clients, but to the delicate nature of the birds themselves.  We experienced the full spectrum of emotions from the thrill of flight photography to the meditative, blissed out moments of tranquility and golden light on the ponds.  What a great trip!   

SR, Vancouver Island 2023

Glenn is clearly aware of the best available opportunities in and around Victoria, his home patch. This enabled a varied program with different opportunities for types of photography, for set-ups, and for different birds. These opportunities were not rushed as travel time was limited, there was plenty of time at each location. The group of four was small enough to allow plenty of contact with Glenn, augmented by plenty of Q & A whilst travelling in a sufficiently small vehicle for all to be heard. The photography was supplemented by Glenn’s knowledge of great spots for food and coffee! I commend this trip to anyone wishing to improve their bird photography skills.

RI, Vancouver Island 2023

I recently attended one of Glenn’s Private Workshops in Victoria, British Columbia.  Glenn is an expert guide who is highly knowledgeable about bird behavior, habitat, and photographic technique.  Additionally, he is also personable, patient, and eager to share his passion with others.  Glenn took me to some of the most spectacular birding locations in the local area, each carefully chosen for its bird photography opportunities. From songbirds to woodpeckers, shorebirds to waterfowl, we were treated to a non-stop barrage of photographic opportunities.  Glenn was always on the lookout for the best photographic spots and provided valuable insight into each species’ behavior and song.  Lastly, it was clearly evident that Glenn’s focus was entirely on improving my technique and ability to compose a pleasing image; he did not bring his camera out into the field until I no longer needed direct instruction.  I cannot recommend Glenn’s bird photography tours highly enough.  An unforgettable experience that surpassed all of my expectations, I cannot wait to join another tour.  If you are a bird photographer looking for an exceptional experience, his tours are absolutely worth considering.

NR, Private Workshop 2023

The workshop was well run, logistics were managed well.  Jess Findlay is a wonderful guide and Jose is a very competent driver, a good birding guide, and very good at dealing with any problems/questions/confusions.   I had a wonderful time visiting the wide variety of locations for seeing the Costa Rican birds.  As I was not along as a photographer, but as a companion, I can only say that the photographer participants seemed very pleased with the coaching they received.  I never felt ignored because I was not photographing; indeed, I got terrific help in seeing and identifying the birds around us.  All in all, it was a terrific experience and I highly recommend the workshop.

MB, Costa Rica 2023

As always, it was pure pleasure to travel with Glenn Bartley Photography Workshops.  Jess is an exceptional birder and a very patient and knowledgeable photography coach.  He is always ready to do one more walk or allow more minutes of shooting, he spots the unusual and makes sure everyone has a chance to get their shots, and he knows where to look for the target birds.  He never allows himself to be distracted by his own photography and only brings out the camera in rare situations.  I have seen him abandon his own camera (and chance at great shots) to help individuals or the group get better shots of their own. 

The choice of locations and lodges was excellent—comfortable and safe.  This trip visited lodges that were quite busy, but Jess was great at making sure we had our chances even when there were many other people about.

SB, Costa Rica, 2023

Glenn is an expert in his field, a great professional, and who devoted his time to everybody in the group. He is constantly striving to improve every aspect of the workshop: providing advice, setting up nice perches, drawing our attention to technical issues we may encounter, always on the look-out! The tour in Colombia was very well organized (itinerary-transports-lodges-food) and everything went smoothly. I loved the alternance between blind photography and real field photography.  I also would like to express my gratitude to our local guide who not only assisted us throughout the tour, but also provided us on a daily basis with extraordinary useful check-lists of species. Together with Glenn, they form a dream team.  This Colombia tour was a real pleasure and I certainly recommend Glenn Bartley’s photography workshops to any avid bird photographer.

 JLB, Colombia 2022

Glenn’s bird photography workshops are outstanding; in my opinion they are the very best available. Glenn is personable, energetic, patient, and knowledgeable. His focus is always on providing the best experience for participants, and he puts considerable effort into helping his clients get terrific photos of birds. Unlike many other workshop leaders, he only rarely takes bird photos himself during his trips. He provides expertise about photography and post-processing in a relaxed, generous manner. He is organized and makes sure that the limited time available is well-spent, while making sure that his clients get terrific meals and also plenty of ‘down time,” if they so choose. I am already looking forward to my next adventure with Glenn in the not-too-distant future.

DG, Colombia 2023 

Glenn has a nice style of instructing with explanations of rationale, expecting some retention with questioning while supporting the growth of each individual. He is very focused on group members’ photography and bird ID needs even during down time. He is an excellent teacher who is what I have been looking for in other trips but have always had some disappointment. He is flexible so is able to deal with changes in weather or group interest at the time.

The tour and preparatory information were all well-planned so that there were few surprises. Communication before the trip was timely. During the trip we were always told what we needed to know ahead of time but not too far that we could not remember.

KK, South Ecuador 2022

This is an excellent workshop.  Glenn has such wide-ranging knowledge of bird species, calls, habitat, and peculiarities and he puts it all at the service of the people taking the workshop.  He is constantly scouting for opportunities to find new birds, and he is really good at finding species that someone really wants to see and photograph. His knowledge of various types of equipment and how to optimize settings and get the most out of the gear is extremely helpful as well.  He never shies away from helping with post-processing suggestions and spends time to guide people through complex processing or simple skills.  He is infinitely patient and helpful, but will serve as a true critic of your images—helping you get better as you progress through the workshop.

I have taken several trips with Glenn Bartley Photo Tours and every single one has made me a better birder and a better photographer.  I can’t imagine traveling with anyone else.

S.B, South Ecuador 2022

From the very beginning, this workshop was an absolute winner in all aspects. Each day was carefully planned to maximize the bird photography experience. Glenn is devoted to his craft and totally committed to presenting as much as he can to each member of the workshop – all this with patience and great teaching skills. His attention to detail is such that not only do you get the shot, you also understood what factors you had to modify to complete the best capture possible. Glenn pays close attention to getting you in the right place with the right light ­– the results are no dark shadows or silhouettes.  Glenn has observed and studied bird behavior to such an extent that he is able to lead you on an amazing photography experience each day of the workshop. Many thanks Glenn!!!

TW, Vancouver Island 2022

Glenn Bartley knows his birds and how to capture them in an engaging way on camera. He is also excellent at sharing those skills with his students. We had five days of pretty intense and productive birding with him. Glenn was professional and helpful throughout. I came home with some great shots, and some greatly improved photography skills. “Know your birds and their habitat” are his mantra. It serves him well, and I will take it to heart.

SB, Vancouver Island 2022

Glenn excels as a photography workshop leader on several levels. He has teaching skills. He can explain complicated photography concepts for the naïve and the sophisticated. He assesses the abilities of the group members and responds on their level without overwhelming them. He does not wait for questions but instead, solicits concerns on a regular basis.

He has photography skills which he shares unselfishly. Participants know that he is all about them rather than using participants to fund his own photography trips as I have seen elsewhere. He explains concepts to improve the skills of each participant and repeats as needed in the same tone of voice. Then after shooting he helps with image processing in his down time. No one feels inadequate because of their lack of knowledge or skill.

He also has skills as a tour leader. He picks out comfortable places to stay, provides smooth transitions between sites, and plans meals that are satisfying. Participants only need to focus on their photography and do not have concerns about the tour mechanics.

KK, Panama 2022

Glenn Bartley is passionate about birds and bird photography, his passion infuses the entire workshop. From finding and calling and appreciating a variety of species to perfecting photography and processing skills to respecting and protecting individual birds, his enthusiasm is infectious and challenges us to constantly improve our ability to capture and process the very bets images we can. The experience of travelling to wonderful lodges and places to find birds reflects his careful and meticulous preparation scouting out and planning the perfect adventure.

JG, Panama 2022

'Glenn Bartley is an excellent and patient teacher. His knowledge on all topics of photography and birds is almost inexhaustible. The workshop was perfectly organized. Even beforehand, Glenn had always answered questions in a timely manner. I not only appreciate the way he teaches but have been fascinated by his photos over the years. His shared wisdom and teaching style can benefit anyone. The locations chosen in Costa Rica were perfect for sighting many different birds. Overall, the experience far exceeded my expectations. As far as I can tell - the best workshop I have attended.

H.P, Costa Rica 2022

 Glenn’s extensive prior bird photography experience in the neotropics, and particularly in Colombia, was evident in the superb locations, logistics, support team, and conduct of this outstanding workshop. Having been on a dozen or so prior workshops with various leaders, I can honestly say this was the best overall experience I have had on any trip, as evidenced by the multiple terabytes of excellent images I have just finished culling and editing. Even my wife, who is neither a photographer nor bird enthusiast, was blown away when I shared my best 0.4% of those images with her yesterday.  In the past I have avoided repeat trips to the same location for the sake of novel bird species and new learnings, but I am likely to make an exception for Colombia – especially if Glenn decides to organize another workshop there!

 GN, Colombia 2022

 What an exceptional trip! From the moment I arrived in Medellin everything was taken care of. I was picked up and taken to the hotel. No hassles! The hotels and inns were all very nice. The guides were terrific. All the in-country travel was a breeze. I love the country and the people and especially the birds. Glenn is such a good teacher and we all learned a great deal from him. We all enjoyed each other. We had the best group I have ever traveled with. Everyone shared info freely and Glenn created a great atmosphere for learning and comradery. We have continued to be in touch with each other and have birding plans. Thank you, Glenn, for a trip of a lifetime!

 DK, Colombia 2022



I just experienced my first photography workshop.  As a beginner, I can tell you that I feel very fortunate to have had my first exposure to photography under the guidance of Glenn Bartley.  Glenn also enlisted Greg Bosco to work with us in Costa Rica.  The other photographers in the workshop were far more experienced than I, but I found Glenn & Greg to be extraordinary sources of knowledge for both the neophyte and the veteran photographer.  If you are interested in a workshop that will expand your understanding of nature and how to capture it in an image, I would enthusiastically recommend Glenn Bartley for your next photography workshop.


S Rothenberg - Costa Rica, 2018

was an excellent workshop. Our small group benefitted from Glenn’s many years’ experience photographing birds in the Victoria area. He was able to take us to the best spots for getting great images in each of the lighting/weather conditions we encountered. I was able to get way more keeper shots in this 5 day course that I would have been able to get in the same time on my own. Glenn is a great teacher, with a patient and very inclusive approach.

M Tindal – Vancouver Island, 2016

In just a few years, Glenn has built an international reputation as one of the premier bird photographers. What differentiates Glenn from other professional photographers is that not only the images are exceptional; they are also some of the most difficult and rare birds to see, let alone photograph.  As a participant, you will experience a organized workshop. Glenn’s attention to details will make the trains run on time. Glenn works hard to help you improve your skills in one-on-one session and the results will surprise you. There’s no doubt in my mind that by the time you leave the workshop you will be a much better photographer. I know this because I experienced it first hand.

S Tareen – Vancouver Island, 2017

Just wanted to thank you again for a great workshop. Victoria is so beautiful and the restaurants are amazing, I have never photographed ducks and certainly not from their eye level so thanks for helping me do all that and for climbing over boulders for the shorebirds, I am amazed that I can do it. Also, the birds in flight were such fun, luckily ducks are slower than song birds so I had a chance. Ken and Janet helped make up a very good group and I learned a lot from them. But mostly I learned from you, exposure, composition and patience. And to be drastic in culling pictures – are you sure I don’t need 50 pictures of a male flicker?

E Lodwick – Vancouver Island, 2017

This was an excellent workshop with a primary focus on the beautiful ducks on Vancouver Island, but with opportunities for other birds of the region as well. Glenn is an excellent teacher in the field and is highly adept at adapting the workshop schedule in view of changing conditions to maximize the opportunities for the participants. Highly recommended!!!!

B&P Crowley – Vancouver Island, 2017

Thanks for a wonderful photography experience on Vancouver Island. I really enjoyed the bird photography and landscape opportunities. There was so much to choose from. Your ability to position the group each time in the right place taking in to account the sun, clouds, rain, water and wind and species made for some great photos. You did not miss a beat, always proactive. I enjoyed the varied opportunities to create portraits, landscape and flight images of the many birds, and the morning at the blind set-up was an extra treat. You really know the birds and their active locations. It was a pleasure to have you as our instructor, guide and friend. Your thorough know ledge of the camera and computer with clear and concise instruction was much appreciated. I look forward to another photo trip in the future with you. Thanks again Glen.

K. Downing – Vancouver Island, 2017

It’s rare to find a teacher with the skillset of a Glenn Bartley. He is an expert birder, a suberb photographer, and a guy who’s just fun to hang around with. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that. I learned a ton about bird behavior, right down to the particulars of how to approach a bird without spooking it. Best of all: I got a ton of great images. That’s the acid test.

Glenn doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. He figures out where you’re at and tailors his suggestions and nudges to your own level as a photographer. That’s the mark of a fine teacher.

R Fletcher – Vancouver Island, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that does bird photography whether new to photography or not. Glenn was very knowledgeable on both birds and cameras and was a great teacher. He did not rush the group and allowed us time at each place to work with our cameras and to learn how to improve. His suggestions were always very helpful and there was no such thing as a stupid question. He was also very flexible in his schedule and made changes to accommodate what we wanted to do. He also took us to some very nice local spots for lunch. I never felt rushed and he was always willing to help me. The scenery in Victoria was amazing.

M Moshier – Vancouver Island, 2018

I highly recommend Glenn Bartley's Victoria workshop. We photographed more bird species than I could have imagined. Glenn knows the area so well that he always had us at the right locations with the best light to get great photos. We also had two half day Photoshop session. Glenn demonstrated his workflow and taught editing skills in a clear and concise manner. I cannot sing Glenn's praises high enough! This is a workshop not to miss.

R Smith - – Vancouver Island, 2018

You are not likely to find many superb bird photographers who combine deep subject matter knowledge, field expertise in capturing great images, and technical mastery of the many tools available, but Glenn is clearly one of those who also seems to enjoy helping others achieve proficiency and efficiency and is very skilled at it, as well. In addition, he is quick to identify one’s gaps and offer useful solutions while maintaining a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In Victoria, BC, you can also count on Glenn to identify great eating establishments, coffee stops and bakeries, in addition to his superb photography teaching. I highly recommend the Vancouver workshop with Glenn for those who want to learn alongside a bird photography master in his home habitat which he knows intimately… You will not be disappointed!”

G.Norman – Vancouver Island, 2018

I am a veteran of many photo safaris and workshops. This is one of the very best I’ve ever taken. From the start it was clear that Glenn was aware of what each participant wanted to get from the workshop and he worked very hard to meet those needs. I was delighted to see that he almost always left his camera behind and instead circulated from participant to participant, making suggestions and answering questions. No matter what level of skill, he treated each of us with patience and respect. In addition to learning so much about creating better images in camera, and equally important, was Glenn’s clear and concise teaching on post-processing. I plan to put Actions into action and save lots of time in my workflow. Can’t wait to take another trip with Glenn!

D Rebman – Vancouver Island, 2018

Jess Findlay led an excellent workshop, bringing enthusiasm, maturity and planning that made this trip one of the best values I’ve ever experienced. His ability to find birds and explain camera settings gave us opportunities at making images we’d never be able to duplicate. He worked long, hard hours carrying our suitcases, helping us process images, answering a myriad of questions yet I never sensed him getting short or irritated no matter how many times he had to repeat himself. I’m a huge fan of his and look forward to participating on the next workshop he leads.

D Newman – Ecuador, 2016

I can’t say enough about the contribution Jess Findlay made to my overall experience of this workshop. His boundless energy, creativity, and skill as a photographer made each day an adventure. He was equally attentive to photographers of all skill levels, and worked hard to maximize our experience in every way. I hope to have many opportunities to join Jess on photographic excursions in the future, and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to learn more about nature photography. Thanks so much, Jess!

D Topham – Ecuador, 2016

 This workshop was very well organized, structured and run. Jess is a very enthusiastic , knowledgeable and helpful leader. His obvious passion for his work and his enthusiasm was contagious. His knowledge of local conditions, birds , including calls , as well as technical

photographic and shooting skills are all of a very high standard. He constantly went out of his way to try and maximize our shooting opportunities. His people skills with both locals and participants is also excellent. I would highly recommend any workshop run by Glenn and Jess to any nature photographer.

A Ellmer – Ecuador, 2016

This trip was amazing and exceeded all my expectations. I learned about flash, Photoshop sharpening and the multi-flash setup. Jess, while being a young man, only 23, is an exceptional leader…very knowledgeable about birds, the environments we were in, the technical aspects of the cameras everyone was using, helping each of us get some amazing photographs, friendly and very out-going as well. I would be happy to go any workshop where Jess was the leader because I know he would make it his priority to get us some amazing sots of birds!!! Thank you Jess!!!!

D Dolga – Ecuador, 2016

This was a great experience for me. The first photo tour I went on the photographer spent all his time taking pictures and didn’t really help the participants. I was at Rancho Naturalista last year when the owner said I should try Glenn’s workshops as they were the best. She said he really helped people to get better pictures, and she knew because she hosts numerous photo tours. I decided to try the Ecuador trip as I had been there 13 years before and really wanted to go back and get some great photos. I am extremely pleased by all the assistance from Jess Findlay. He is a remarkable young man who relates to everyone at whatever skill level they are. He presented information in an easy to understand and follow manner. In addition, he knows the birds both visually and by call, as well as many of the local guides. Jess was really great about asking each person how they were doing, were there any problems and reviewing and commenting on how to make our photos better. I think everyone was really happy with the results and photos they took.

B Driscoll – Ecuador, 2017

This was my first workshop photographing birds in South America. Jess Findlay was the trip leader during my workshop in Ecuador. Jess is a very intelligent, talented young photographer who was eager to teach and identify birds. He helped me to learn certain skills that would have taken me a considerable amount of time longer on my own. I highly recommend Glenn Bartley for anyone who is seriously interested in photographing tropical birds.

R Goluch – Ecuador, 2017

I highly recommend this or any other workshop offered by Glenn Bartley’s Photography Workshops. I’ve only been on a trip with Jess and he made it successful. I’m certain Glenn is also extremely competent.  Jess is an excellent photographer and instructor, going out of his way to ensure everyone requiring assistance receives it before he sets himself up. His knowledge of the bird calls and habits is outstanding. He knows how to attract target species and he does everything possible to ensure success. Jess is constantly seeking out ways to add to the participants experience from teaching how to compose an image, to recommending camera settings, to post processing as well as many other tips and suggestions, all in an enthusiastic manner. I’ve attended other photographic workshops and have been disappointed in not receiving the teaching promised. This was not the case. It is an excellent workshop. The others attending expressed the same feelings as I do.

V Filteau – Ecuador, 2018

Jess did a great job of leading the group. He handled all aspects very well even when the weather conspired to make things a challenge. Jess’s suggestions and troubleshooting were excellent. The hummingbirds of Ecuador did not disappoint and the Amazon extension was a great experience that will be long remembered. I heartily recommend Glenn Bartley’s workshops to anyone seriously interested in bird photography.

N Bartlett – Ecuador, 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to enhance my skills, capture wonderful images, and experience awesome Ecuadorian landscapes. The workshop’s success is from a combination of top-notch logistical planning, thorough research of the local habitats, in-depth knowledge of the target species, and willingness to share photographic expertise. Jess Findlay served as the leader workshop. Jess was willing to do whatever it took to help each of us to capture great images. He is an artist at selecting perfect perches and encouraging birds to use them. Jess was able to provide simple, clear explanations of the technical fine points for improving exposure, composition, and use of flash. His knowledge of the different species and photographic artistry is exceeded only by his joy of wonders of the Ecuadorian cloud forest and Páramo.

S Fisher – Ecuador, 2018

This is the third workshop Kay and I have been on with Glenn. This particular workshop was the first time Glenn had taken a group to this country. What was evident was that he had put in a good deal of time and effort visiting the areas and selecting locations that were most likely to produce good results. As with all of his workshops, this one again exceeded our expectations. I continue to be very impressed with both Glenns knowledge about birding and photography. He approaches teaching in a thoughtful, patient, and professional manner. We thoroughly enjoy his trips and will return again.

R Knight – Colombia, 2017

I have traveled with Glenn twice to Ecuador, to Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, and now to Colombia. All these trips were wonderful adventures that not only brought me into contact with a dazzling variety of tropical birds, from hummingbirds, toucans, tanagers, and parrots to king vultures, condors and jabirus but which also  helped me to improve my photography skills in a very noticeable way. Colombia turned out to be especially rewarding in this respect. We spent 3-4 days in each of 4 lodges in the cordilleras central and occidental several hours south of Medellin, lodges that ranged from rustic to downright luxurious. One lodge even offered a hot swimming pool fed by thermal springs in the midst of a beautiful garden full of exceptional hummingbirds, among them the stunning Rainbow-bearded Thornbill. Stays around the lodges and their fruit and hummingbird feeders were alternated with excursions to higher (up to 14,000ft) and lower habitats to look for different species. We lucked out on a number of them, among them the White-capped, Purplish-mantled, and Grass-green tanagers, the rare Buffy Helmetcrest hummingbird in its high altitude domain, the endemic and threatened Yellow-eared Parrot, three species of antpittas, and many others. Colombia, the country with the most recorded bird species in the world, did not disappoint, a feast for the eyes and  our cameras. The mountain landscapes we traveled through and explored on foot and by jeep were breathtakingly beautiful, the small towns little jewels of Latin culture. We felt safe throughout. As always, Glenn had organized the trip down to the last details, but showed great flexibility when adjustments were necessary. Above all, he has a special skill in helping photographers of all levels without being preachy. So if you are contemplating a trip to Central or South America to photograph birds, Glenn is your man. A brief look at his extensive portfolio online will show you that he is one of the very best photographers of tropical birds working today.

M Kusch – Colombia, 2017

Bird-centric, well-organized and well-planned begins the definition of a Glenn Bartley workshop.  Glenn creates beautiful photographic backdrops for birds at feeders and multiflash set-ups and is always nearby to help. The third prong of his workshops are walks  ( or photographic floats). He "knows the territory" and the birds in the area and skillfully uses playback-calls to bring subjects and photographers to the best setting and light for our shots. I still smile when I look at our  images of the White-capped Tanagers. Nature doesn't always cooperate, but Glenn's persistence and resourcefullness usually saves the day. Add his excellent leadership skills and it's obvious why so many of his clients (including my wife and me) are frequent fliers.

P Horowitz – Colombia, 2017

I went on the Colombia workshop with Glenn Bartley. I had done other workshops with well known photographers, but Colombia was my first workshop with Glenn. He knows very well what he is looking for , and is quite organized and structured. By spending 2 weeks with him, I have seen what it takes to improve the quality of my photos. The feeder setups are simple , but very effective. On our walks, I was even more impressed by his approach to try to create the best circomstancs for an excellent photo. Overall , a very nice experience for those who really want to improve the quality of their photos.

L. Van Der Biest – Colombia, 2018

Professional, efficient, customer orientated, know subject field, done homework and select areas of interest, communication in mother tongue of Colombia helped a lot to smooth out any language barriers, can recommend a trip with Glenn without any reservation - you’ll have a whale of a time. Thank you again for a wonderful time in Colombia.

G & M Rall – Colombia, 2017

“This is my third trip with Glenn and each trip seems to be better than the last!  As always, Glenn manages to organize an excellent trip and we were able to see everything that was advertised...and more.  The trip to Brazil was excellent.  Every stop was well planned and each lodging was comfortable and provided us with excellent photo ops with an abundance of birds and other wild-life.  I recently reviewed my pictures and surprised myself on the quality of pictures and variety of birds that I was able to shoot-thanks to Glenn's choice of sites and his coaching.  Glenn is an excellent bird photographer and his passion for his profession shows in his organization of his trips and his interest in the participants

I would highly recommend Glenn Bartley Bird Photography Trips to anyone who has a passion for bird photography and wants to take it the 'next step' in improving their skills in photography and birding.”

G.Vincent – Brazil, 2016

I loved the entire workshop from beginning to end!! After the first, day my grin muscles were aching from smiling so much!! The range of birds we saw was simply amazing! Not to mention the Jaguars!!! The trip was so well orchestrated, with a nice balance of set-up and field photography! I really appreciated Glenn sharing his extensive experience and knowledge of bird photography with us! I learned so much!! Plus, I really enjoyed getting to know Glenn and the whole group. Our shared passion for birds and photography facilitated easy friendships. I have already signed up for another one of Glenn’s workshops! Can’t wait!”

J.Filatti – Brazil, 2016

This was my fifth trip with Glenn after having participated in two of is Ecuador trips, and one each to Costa Rica and Peru.  I will travel with I’m again next January to Colombia. All of his workshops are well organized and visit sites that offer an abundance of photo ops at or near the chosen lodges. Glenn provides only fairly rudimentary general instruction about the basics of bird photography but is very perceptive in observing the skill levels of individual participants, looking over their shoulders to give them pointers and encouragement. And he is always available to answer questions and to respond to requests for assistance. I find this ad hoc approach by far preferable and more productive than formal class room time one finds at times in other workshops.

In the five years since my first workshop with him in Ecuador to our recent trip to Brazil I have learned a lot from Glenn and also from many of my fellow travelers. So, in the most general terms, I highly recommend Glenn’s workshops. They are wonderful adventures that will improve your photography. 

More specifically, the Brazil workshop offered a fantastic variety of colorful and charismatic birds in both the Atlantic rainforest north of Rio and the cerrado and Pantanal of the interior. From stunning tanagers, toucanets, woodpeckers, parakeets, hummingbirds, and trogons at the small Rainforest lodge in the mountains of the Atlantic forest to the abundant wading birds like herons, ibis, and storks, including many Jabiru Storks, hawks, terns, anhingas, flycatchers, hummingbirds, antshrikes, troupials, araçaris, and the charismatic Hyacinth Macaws and Toco Toucans in the Pantanal wetlands, our cameras were kept busy and our memory cards filled up fast. But more so than any other workshops I have participated in, the Brazil workshop also provided  excellent opportunities to photograph wildlife other than birds. Besides hundreds of caimans, capybaras, giant otters, deer, iguanas, monkeys, and snakes, the stars of the show were several jaguars we were able to observe and photograph as they were hunting along the banks of the Cuiabá river, among them a female accompanied by two half-grown cubs. If you are contemplating a photo trip to some of the prime birding and wildlife viewing spots in Brazil, this workshop would be an excellent introduction. I would love to return to experience it again.

M.Kusch – Brazil, 2016

When I first joined Glenn Bartley on his Ecuador Workshop in 2012 I was a novice photographer to the extreme. I had a camera I didn’t know how to use, a minimal lens, and No tripod. The only bird I recognized on the entire trip was a migratory Swainson’s Thrush. Since then I’ve enjoyed three more of Glenns Photography Workshops. On each trip I’ve developed an increasing understanding of my camera, and the nuances of nature and wildlife photography.”

D.Topham – Brazil 2016

This is my third trip with Bartley Photographic Workshops, have previously attended the Costa Rica and Ecuador workshops. Glenn once again demonstrated he thorough photographic skills in a most professional way. The entire trip ran virtually faultlessly and the different locations were well chosen for habitat , bird species and variation of photographic conditions , whether flash , field or bird-in-flight photography. All along Glenn was always at hand to lend support , giving advice and sharing his extensive experience and photographic skills. His easy, yet efficient and disciplined way of conducting the workshop greatly contributed to the success of the trip. His experience of the local birds together with his very competent local guides ensured that our chances of locating and capturing a large variety of species were maximized. I hope to attend future workshops with Glenn and I can highly recommend Glenn to anyone wishing to improving and expanding their nature and particularly bird photography skills.

A.Ellmer. – Brazil, 2017

This was a fun and productive workshop that I recommend to any photographer of birds. Special kudos to Glenn, who worked very hard to find the birds and get them into optimal position for successful shots; a really difficult job in some cases. Our lodgings and food were fine and it appeared that a good time was had by all!

M Goldhammer – Brazil, 2017

I had been looking forward for some time to photographing birds with Glenn Bartley. I’ve just returned from two weeks with him in Brazil and now can’t wait for the next opportunity. His choice of lodges, his knowledge of birds and their behavior, his amazing photographic skill, his patience with the rest of us mortals and his all-around enjoyable personality made for an extraordinary trip. He consistently gave us understandable tips on everything from efficiently managing a tripod, to using camera menus, to getting the best exposures and the right light angles, to anticipating a bird’s movement, to making the best use of PhotoShop. I feel like I’m twice as good a photographer as I was before the trip and that the next adventure with Glenn will expand my knowledge even more.

J Greenwood – Brazil, 2017

Glenn is a master of his craft and easy about his knowledge and person. He is happy to share his knowledge and expertise and encourage. I absolutely LOVE photography and consider myself to be a wildlife, nature and landscape photographer, sometimes dabbling in fine art photography. I have not focused on birds specifically, nor have I ever participated in a photographic safari. I LOVED every minute of the interaction with Glenn, his team and the participants. Perhaps the most positive thing I can say is that I am definitely a better photographer (not just of birds) than before Glenn’s workshop, the photographic lessons, apply in all spheres of photography. I recommend Glenn without hesitation or qualification.

J Hochfeld – Brazil, 2017

I participated in the workshop as a birder but non-photographer. I really enjoyed the time to spot, view and enjoy the birds, rather than on a birding trip where the approach might be to identify the birds and move on. Glenn made sure that I was not left out of proceedings or excluded. Glenn and his team were knowledgeable, approachable, kind and patient. Loved the whole trip.

S Hochfeld – Brazil, 2017

I looked at several different photography trips to the Pantanal, and I picked Glenn’s because it also offers several days in the beautiful and bird-rich Atlantic Forest. That added an extra dimension that made the trip even more special. I also loved that Glenn worked so hard on our behalf and did very little of his own shooting during the trip; he focused all of his energies on teaching and on helping set up opportunities for the participants to get the best possible images. 

T Hay – Brazil, 2018

Great workshop in Peru with Jess Findlay. Abundant birds and shooting opportunities. Jess is masterful in patiently and cheerfully answering questions and offering advice. He sees and hears birds undetected by the rest of us. The cultural add on was fascinating, as well.

J Greenwood – Peru, 2018

We have been on two Bartley bird photography workshops and hope to continue doing so. Glenn/ Jess Findlay know their subject matter and are great and patient teachers. But above all, they organise trips that seamlessly fit together, with complicated logistics, in remote areas that I (and my wife) wouldn’t dream of attempting on our own. I am grateful that Glenn puts these trips together and that we are able to participate. We log new birds, learn about the birds, their habits and environment and photography, in GREAT and often remote locations. How much more can one ask for? We recommend Glenn’s workshops without hesitation in whatever venue. One can’t go wrong- you are in safe hands.

S & J Hochfeld – Peru, 2018

Glenn knows the birds and his craft and obviously enjoys putting clients in place to get the shot. He excels at teaching”functional” photography i.e. getting clients to think about the shooting challenges (light, background, activity, etc.) and how to deal with those challenges in the camera settings and camera position. I found his workshop relaxed, supportive and considerate for all that were there. Weather conditions were often challenging, but Glenn planned the days outings to try to make the most of it. He saved the Horned Grebe for the very last morning to try to optimize for the best morning light and weather and it worked splendidly. Well done and thanks Glenn.

J McFeteridge – Churchill, 2017

"In addition to enjoying and photographing birds and other wildlife,  my specific goals were to learn new techniques in poor lighting conditions and to become more familiar with fill flash. Glenn and Jess were very good at making suggestions and the trip setups afforded numerous opportunities for experimentation and learning. The lodging along the way was comfortable, the staffs were friendly and the food was tasty and ample. I had a great time. I'll be back on another trip with Glenn next year."

A. Ross – Costa Rica, 2016

Having been over-promised and under-delivered on my first photography workshop (with a different workshop leader), I was hesitant to try another one. I was glad to take the advice of a fellow workshop participant from the original workshop and go to Costa Rica with Glenn Bartley. This workshop definitely lived up to what was said in the website literature for the trip. Not many workshop leaders with the resume that Glenn has, would check their ego at the door, so to speak, but he did which made the experience that much more enjoyable. We were just one cohesive group working and learning and not being talked down to or being told incessantly about past accomplishments. We concentrated on the here and now and how to simply capture the best images we possibly could in our short time in the workshop. We all went away better people and photographers for being in the workshop led by Glenn and assisted by Jess Findlay. I plan on attending future workshops put on both by these gentlemen.

K Krabbenhoft – Costa Rica, 2016

The workshop was very well organized in all aspects (planning, accommodation, meals, travel, organized events and outings with lots of constructive advice). I came with high expectations and these were exceeded. It was a pleasure to take part in such a productive workshop with a great group of people. I was impressed with the way that we were treated at each lodge and linked to local experts and knowledge. The testimonials below are very accurate and I have no hesitation in recommending Glenn’s workshops to others. I have had many highlights in my life and this trip was right up there amongst them.

N Bartlett – Costa Rica, 2016

This workshop exceeded my expectations! I found Glenn to be personable, knowledgeable, and very willing to help. It was clear that his # 1 priority was teaching and being available to participants. He and Greg gave lots of one-to-one help, taking time to teach and reteach important issues. As I said to my friends and family: “I feel I learned a TON about photograhy…and also how much I still need to learn!”  I learned a lot about bird behavior, angles, posing/perspective. Also, the workshop had a nice pace to it. There was “meat” (structured activities) each day but this was counterbalanced by time to photograph independently. That balance worked for me.

R Fletcher – Costa Rica, 2016

The trip was very professionally run, Jess is a good teacher and shared his knowledge freely, his knowledge is amazing and yet not afraid to say if he was not sure, well done for that as its by no means easy.  Jess always put us his guests first, no matter what.  I would like to thank you Glenn for putting together a wonderful trip exceeding my expectations and for using exceptional people to lead on your behalf.  I would freely share and recommend anyone to go on one of your trips I have come back home a richer more accomplished photographer I made the long trip truly worth while……..Thank you!

M. Olivier – Costa Rica, 2017

This was my first workshop and I had a blast. Jess Findlay was an excellent leader and was full of useful knowledge for any given situation. I learned some new tips and tricks and got to experience Costa Rica through the eyes of an avid birder & amazing photographer. I would highly recommend Glenn Bartley’s photography workshops to anyone who is thinking about going or has never been on a photography workshop before. You won’t be disappointed.

B Baty – Costa Rica, 2017

My second workshop with Glenn Bartley, Jess was a leader both times –phenomenal young man that knows more about the birds and wildlife photography that anybody I have ever known.

R Goluch – Costa Rica, 2017

Glenn did a great job in communication prior to the workshop. Jess Findlay was an exceptional teacher. He is an amazing birder and since that is pretty much all I do is bird, I know many great birders – Jess is top notch. Jess was always patient with everyone and with all questions asked. Jess rarely had his own camera out, he was there to suggest the best place to shoot, help with settings, answering questions and help wherever needed. He worked very hard in keeping all of us informed on what to expect for the following day – all details were covered. Jess is a caring, humorous individual and always lighthearted and fun to be with and professional in every aspect of the trip. I departed Costa Rica with a better handle on my photography PLUS a lot of great hummingbird shots!

E Neupert – Costa Rica, 2017

Glenn Bartley and his co-leader Greg Basco worked hard to make the trip enjoyable and productive for all participants. They were always available for advice and feedback, and they showed infinite patience even in situations where photographers were struggling with unfamiliar camera functions and settings. They were always willing to share their considerable expertise, but also were sensitive to times and situations where participants wanted to be left alone to do their own experimentation. In addition to setting up and supervising photo sessions, Glenn and Greg worked overtime to ensure that all trip logistics went smoothly. Overall, these leaders were generous with their time and skillful in the ways they handled the many different phases of the workshop. I already am planning to participate in another photo expedition under Glenn’s leadership.

D Greenberg – Costa Rica, 2017

I was greatly impressed with the organization and execution of this workshop. Every detail was well planned, meals were on time and delicious, accommodations were always ready with helpful staff, and the skills shown by Glenn and Greg at conducting the day-to-day activities were outstanding. They were always available and eager to help and never interfered with photographic activities. They could help with any technical question and sensitive to the special needs of the guests. We had plenty of time at each venue and were never rushed. I will enthusiastically endorse Glenn’s workshops to my photography community.

G Rudd – Costa Rica, 2017

Our exceptional guide, Jess ably assisted by our driver, Jose made this a very memorable trip. Jess’ enthusiasm is infectious, and I am always amazed at his fund of knowledge; and if he is not sure (which is rarely) he always resorts to clarifying the issue by looking it up. The success of the workshop always hinges on the guide and Jess delivered, and more. He always made sure that the participants were comfortable in their technique and was always on hand to sort out any problems. The agility and strength of youth were very evident in all the ways he made this trip a totally unforgettable one, from loading and unloading the bus to jumping over the locked gate at the end of the bridge at Selva Verde to check out lights in the dark. I would love to do other workshops with him.

J Madhavan – Costa Rica, 2018

This was a thoroughly well researched workshop run by Greg Basco and Glenn Bartley both expert photographers with extensive knowledge of up to-date digital photographic equipment.  Unlike a few workshops I have unfortunately heard about, they both really work hard, making sure YOU have the best opportunities to get the photographs you came for, and did very little photography themselves – in fact I can’t really remember seeing them using a camera unless it was to illustrate a specific point or answer technical questions.  The Lodges are obviously well chosen, not only for the quality of food and services – obviously important enough – but for their ability to be able to set up shooting stations/blinds etc. nearby or undercover so that work can still be undertaken even in inclement weather – which occasionally does happen, after all it is in the Rainforest!! – or to be able to take advantage of nearby natural attractions.  They have a great network of local guides and experts.

M Grey – Costa Rica, 2018

After experiencing the Costa Rica workshop I was impressed with how organized and well planned the daily activities were. Every day Glenn had something different planned for us to experience that would give us a new learning opportunity. Also, Glenn is a patient teacher. I can imagine it’d get frustrating answering the same question over and over again. But Glenn was always there to answer questions and help us to improve. Glenn would give us the tools to learn and show us how to use them, but also give us enough latitude to learn instead of just giving us camera settings.

R Anderson – Costa Rica, 2018

I had to wait several years to go on this trip (not because of Glenn—just the way my life was working), and I have to say it was well worth the wait. On the first day I saw 30 new life birds—and got photos of most of them. Glenn’s expert birding skills and awesome teaching skills combine to help make sure you come home with the pictures you have dreamed of taking. I made a quantum leap in the quality of my photos due to gentle coaching and perfect set-ups. I enjoyed the pace of activities—enough to keep you really busy, but not enough to exhaust your enthusiasm for the next incredible adventure. The size of the group was perfect—small enough to be really manageable whatever we were doing, but large enough to allow for interesting conversations and fun exchanges during the entire length of the trip. Glenn has the contacts, the knowledge and the enthusiasm to make a tour like this a delight. I will travel with Glenn as often as his schedule will allow.

S Blackstone – Costa Rica, 2018

Glenn Bartley and Jess Findlay are outstanding leaders, both very skilled photographers and birders and both are very pleasant company.  They are tireless at finding special birds, and Jess thinks more like a bird than anyone else I can think of.  By that I mean that he has an uncanny ability to find birds and point them out to the rest of us.  Both Glenn and Jess are superb photographers with outstanding post-processing skills, and both are willing to share their experience and knowledge of both photography and of birds.  Although they do have cameras with them, it’s clear that their priorities are making sure that the participants get their shots.  Their skill and patience in setting up multi-flash opportunities also are outstanding.  Glenn has an encyclopedic knowledge of the country (Ecuador) and he picks the lodgings and the excursions thoughtfully and so as to maximize the quality of our experience, with the primary factor always being the opportunity to see and photograph birds.  His fluency in Spanish is obviously a great asset.  The trip was terrific.

David P. - Ecuador, 2015

What makes Glenn’s workshops enjoyable and rewarding for me is his skill as a teacher.  Glenn is able to identify the level of learning each participant is ready for, and to provide instruction that meets individuals at their own skill level – beginner to advanced.  He is dedicated to providing the best birding and learning opportunities possible.

But Glenn brings something special to the experience in his unfailing patience and graciousness.  He is consistently cheerful and calm, and always encouraging. I have attended two of Glenn’s workshops so far, and hope to participate in others in the future.

Donna T. – Peru, 2014

Glenn’s Costa Rica trip was a terrific experience.  Glenn’s leadership was outstanding.  His photographic knowledge and his communication skills, as well as his fluency in Spanish and familiarity with the places and birds of Costa Rica, added significantly to the success of the trip.  Glenn was ably assisted by Jess Findley, whose sharp eyes and ears were very valuable in adding to our trip bird and other creature lists.  Jess is an excellent and award-winning photographer in his own right, as well as a very patient and infallibly cheerful teacher.  I wouldn’t hesitate to go on any other trip run by Glenn and Jess.

Doug C, Costa Rica 2015

Attending one of Glenn’s workshops turned out to be one of the best investments I made in my pursuit to photograph birds.  Glenn was just the finest of instructors with plenty of patience, incredible knowledge and many wonderful locations to shoot.
Glenn worked very hard to teach us the art and science of attracting birds to setups so we could all get the best images possible.  As a participant I always felt confident that we were being taken to the best locations at the correct times to see the most action possible. 
Having attended many previous workshops with other well-known photographers I thought there was not really all that much to learn but Glenn proved me wrong.  What an amazing time.  I absolutely will be booking additional workshops with Glenn both in Canada and in South America.

Greg G. – Vancouver Island, 2015

Glenn and his crew (Jess and Jose) provided excellent assistance with all aspects of wildlife photography, from finding and identifying the subject, taking the picture to editing on the computer. It was clear that their primary concern was to ensure that the participants on the course received the best help possible in becoming better photographers. I would not hesitate to recommend Glenn Bartley to anyone who wants to take professional quality wildlife pictures.

Peter S, Costa Rica 2015

I had the BEST time on my photography workshop to Costa Rica.! I was very impressed with Glenn’s patience and ability to communicate with everyone in the workshop no matter what their photography skill level was.  He is a great teacher and it is apparent that he wants all his participants to get good shots and come away with a better working knowledge of photography.  It is obvious that he puts a lot of thought into planning and organizing the trip all the way from when to arrive at each lodge (i.e. going from hot and humid to cooler locations) to what birds and/or other subjects can be found at each spot.  At each lodge he took the time to make setups in order for us to get more natural looking photos.  Glenn’s knowledge of Spanish made the transition from one lodge to the next seamless.  Glenn made me feel at ease from the moment I met him, there was never an awkward moment.  I would take another one of Glenn’s photography workshops in a heartbeat!  I also think it is very smart of Glenn to be adding Jess Findley to his company as he is and will be a great asset in future workshops. 

My dream of getting to see and photograph the Resplendent Quetzal not only came true but exceeded my expectations!   I absolutely loved my time in Costa Rica and I would definitely be delighted to take another photography workshop with you. 

Julia C, Costa Rica 2015

Glenn’s trip to Costa Rica far exceeded my expectations.  Every day was a “Wow” factory from the birds and animals that he found for us, to the lodging and food.  We ranged from beginners to very experienced photographers and all levels learned from Glenn.  He also had two other photography assistants with him, which meant that if you thought of a questions it was answered before it was said out loud.   He never once jumped in front to get the shot, his photography always took a back seat to make sure we were put in the position for the best possible shot.  I would highly recommend a photography adventure with Glenn. 

Kitty C, Costa Rica 2015

I learned more on this workshop than any other I’ve attended. Glenn and Greg are excellent teachers and were able to identify and quantify aspects of photography, particularly flash photography, I hadn’t considered before. They understood where to place us for maximum photographic benefit and worked hard the entire workshop to ensure we had the best experience possible. Based on this experience, and two others with Glenn, I highly recommend this or any workshop led by either of these two gentlemen.

Dean N. – Costa Rica, 2014

As usual, Glenn has very well structured worshops, both in time and in space, with well planned activities and plan b if necessary. On this occasion Glenn had the collaboration of Jess, a young assistant…has a great future.  Bird expert and an extraordinary annuity for its identification and location. The lodges very good with a great cuisine. Our driver very effective and helpful. Glenn, Thank you very  much for these fantastic days and especially for your patience.

Domingo G. – Ecuador, 2015

What I like about your trips is that there is no BS. You really deliver. And you take care of your clients making sure that they are going to get good photos before you take your pictures. Increasingly, I am tired of group tours. I often find that we do as good or better on our own extensions. It is not only cheaper, but we go at our own pace. Your trips are unusual in that I come away saying, no way could I have accomplished what I did with Glenn on my own. I would have missed most of these bird, and I really learned a lot of technique from him. We have taken quite a few organized trips, and the two trips with you rank as two of the best we have taken. You are really good. Keep it up!
Elston H. – Churchill, 2014

You are very helpful to all the participants seeing needs and helping them improve and taking better photos you are also a super naturalist . You find the birds and make it possible for us mere mortals to take great pictures. By the by I like my whit crowned sparrow better than Elston’s but he likes his better. Didn't make our coffee table book. You have what it takes to make a group happy get along show flexibility in plans but have firm structure in the trips you simply are THE BEST!

Jackie H. – Churchill, 2014

Glenn knows his stuff. He makes bird photography look easy, not only finding target species, but putting them in great light with great backgrounds. He gives good, concise instructions on what to do or not to do, and what to expect in a given situation, so one can be mentally prepared.

Glenn doesn’t shoot until everyone else is comfortable, and is always very professional. He offers assistance when needed, while giving each person space to experiment. The whole workshop is well structured and planned, but can be revised where needed based on activity and weather.

I thoroughly enjoy Glenn’s workshops and hope to be a participant again in the future.

Cris H. – Churchill, 2014

Glenn followed his heart creating a tour for all levels of photographers and birders. He planned well- providing his group full days surrounded by great birds, & jungle in a logical progression of comfortable to luxurious lodges always with great food and camaraderie. He and Jess first and foremost love birding and the natural world, combined with ton of knowledge of camera systems and technology; it was a wonderful experience and introduction to Costa Rica! We worked very hard and our patience rewarded us with Quetzal images, along with numerous other terrific birds & frogs. They worked patiently with us one on one and always treated us with respect and as equals. Great Guys, great tour.

Mark C, Costa Rica 2015

Glenn and Jess’s workshop in Ecuador was one of the best photography workshops that I have ever been on. I am pretty much new at bird photography and still got some terrific images thanks to Glenn and Jess. I can’t wait to go on another workshop with them which is the best recommendation I can give. The trip was very well organized and everything went very smoothly with absolutely no issues. It was obvious that Glenn and Jess’s first priority was teaching and helping their clients get terrific photos. So I want to thank both of them for their patience, knowledge and guidance which made the trip so memorable.

Marsha F. - Ecuador, 2014

Whew!  What a wonderful, fun-packed and well-organized trip to Ecuador.  Shame on me for doubting Jess as leader.  He is one of the kindest, most knowledgeable, and confident instructors I’ve EVER had.  He is delightful, and has a funny sense of humor too.  You picked and trained well.  I learned many camera, landscape, compensation and simplified techniques that I will use as a part of my routine shooting.  There wasn’t a bird he didn’t know the name of, their behavior, or tid-bits about them.  Jess had every day planned, knew exactly what was going to happen, and we were always met with friendly welcomes.  He was so calm when those little unexpected episodes in life occurred i.e. camera and 600 mm lens drops on the cement floor “no worries”.  There really never a time when he wasn’t available or helping someone. He knows his birds, that’s for sure!  He even shot for other people when their camera was available but they stepped away, “couldn’t help myself, I didn’t want you miss that” he’d say.  I walked away with so many fine photos I’m proud of and have fond memories of my trip. Glenn, your workshops are simply the best!

Carol H. – Ecuador, 2015

"Ecuador was a well thought out workshop. Initially I was sceptical of having Jess as the only leader, but fears were  soon put to rest and found Jess to be more than capable of handling our group, at times  we almost had to beat him over the head to take his own images when something unusual presented itself.  Always there when someone needed assistance. The variety of birds was spectacular, Wilson, our  bus  driver was also a key part of the tour as well having a keen eye to spot various things. Compared to other workshops, I would have to rate this workshop among the best I have been on, and look forward to the opportunity to attend another should it present itself." 

Walter N. – Ecuador, 2015

The workshop was very well thought out and educational.  Jess was very helpful and on top of any issues that materialized.  His knowledge on finding, attracting and identifying subjects, as well as his knowledge of equipment was outstanding.  Both Jess, our bus driver, Wilson, and the guides the Lodge had extremely keen eyes, enabling us even more unexpected subjects to photograph and observe.  I would highly recommend Bartley’s Photography Workshops to anyone.

Amy M. - Ecuador, 2015

I have been in the Amazon before but this experience was the best. The rest of the trip was run very smoothly and each lodge had something special to offer. Despite my struggles with equipment and computer skills, I am thrilled with the numerous beautiful images I have I appreciated Glenn and Jess for pushing me to learn new skills!

Don B. - Ecuador, 2015

This was my fourth trip with Glenn. I participated in his very first workshop in Ecuador 4 years ago, then Costa Rica in 2012, and in 2013, Peru. I obviously like the way he puts together his photo excursions, in fact I like it so much that I keep signing up for more.
Jess was a great resource on this trip as our very international group was composed of photographers of varying levels of competence, some with Nikons, some with Canon, all with questions about their equipment, settings, use of flash or fill flash that Jess was always available to answer. I like the fact that in these workshops there are no formal classes (which typically put me to sleep) but that the participants were always able to rely on the help and on-the-spot individualized instruction by Glenn and Jess.
But for me the high point of the trip was the time we spent at the very comfortable and scenic lodge managed by the indigenous Kitchua people in whose territory it is located. We cruised in paddled canoes, three photographers per boat, accompanied by native guides and Jess or Glenn through the black-water channels traversing flooded and swampy vegetation in search of birds of all kinds, herons, kingfishers, terns, swallows, tanagers, hawks, eagles, kites, donacobius, anhingas, vultures, parrots, anis, etc. etc., but the very high point of our whole trip was literally a high point, the 12 story high canopy tower in a gigantic 500-year old Kapok tree we visited during 2 mornings. Our native guides and Jess and Glenn were kept busy pointing out new species arriving practically non-stop, a wonderful experience. To witness the awakening of the jungle below us with all its haunting sounds, the flocks of parrots cruising by below us, the sudden appearance of Lettered and Many-banded Araçaris, White-throated and Channel-billed Toucans, colorful tanagers, including a group of Paradise, Turquoise, and Opal-rumped Tanagers, and many, many other species will be in my memory for ever. So thanks, Glenn and Jess. You put together a great trip and an unforgettable experience, and thanks to my fellow travelers, you were a great group.

Manfred K. - Ecuador, 2015

It was a terrific experience to work with Glenn in the Vancouver Island Photo Workshop.  The workshop provided awesome photographic opportunities from waterfowl to shorebirds to a temperate rain forest.  The waterfowl especially was stunning, abundant and cooperative.  The workshop was also a significant learning experience for me; Glenn is a superb bird photographer and teacher with a deep knowledge of bird habitat and behavior and outstanding and extensive technical skills that he shares eagerly and willingly.  It was obvious that Glenn’s number one priority was helping us create outstanding images, always making suggestions and ensuring we were in the most productive location at the right time of day.  Clearly, Glenn had prepared thoroughly.  I look forward to my next workshop with Glenn.

Carlo P. – Vancouver Island, 2015

As a repeat workshop participant, I would like to say that Glenn Bartley delivers again and again.  Glenn’s photography skills, birding knowledge, attention to detail, and familiarity with Ecuador have all come together, creating an extraordinary workshop with unbeatable photographic opportunities. Glenn’s carefully selected locations provided excellent opportunities with a vast array of species.  Without your knowledge and help, I wouldn’t have been able to come home with so many fantastic images.  Thanks Glenn!

James F. – Ecuador, 2013

The Ecuador workshop was excellent and I could highly recommend it to photographers of all levels of expertise.  Glenn is a very capable and patient leader and teacher who is committed to making sure that all the participants get the best results possible from the photographic opportunities presented during the trip. 

Ray W. – Ecuador, 2013

The Ecuador Workshop exceeded my expectations.  Glenn had every aspect of the trip very well organized, but he also had sufficient flexibility incorporated in the plan so that the members of the group could have the best possible opportunity to learn, encounter interesting subjects and capture good photographs.  I gained valuable experience that resulted in some very satisfying images.  I not only learned from Glenn, but also got many good ideas and suggestions from other participants. I have already committed to attend another tropical birding workshop with Glenn (Costa Rica), and I expect to continue improving my photographs with his guidance.  I would love to return to Ecuador with Glenn at some time in the future. Highly recommended!

Scott H. – Ecuador, 2013

Another excellent workshop, in Ecuador this time. Great lodges and food, but above all excellent photo opportunities, and the usual first class advice from Glenn. There was no excuse for not returning with a collection of great photos, as well as increased knowledge, and some marvelous experiences. Once again, many thanks, Glenn, and hopefully not the last time I will join you.

Steve C. – Ecuador, 2013

Getting to go to a hummingbird paradise with one of the world premier hummingbird photographers was spectacular.  I hope to be fortunate enough to go on another photo workshop with Glenn. A fabulous trip in all the important ways: biology, photography, and ecology.  Glenn’s gifted leadership, people skills, and generous sharing of his knowledge made this tour remarkable. It was an added bonus to have his protégé Jess Findlay along to help us too.

Bev D. – Ecuador, 2014

Glen Bartley gets you to the best locations for bird photography and then helps you to get the best shots. This is what counts if you really want the experience.

Dave O. – Ecuador, 2014

Excellent trip.  Glenn is an exceptionally well organized leader which allowed a flawless trip. Would highly recommend!

George and Franklynne  V. – Peru, 2013

Glenn's workshops are wonderful adventures. He takes care of all the logistics so all you have to worry about is getting your best shot. Glenn is a fantastic guide and group leader. He's knowledgeable, easy going, and fun to be with. His workshops are the best I've ever participated in.

Terrie G. – Peru, 2013

I went to Glenn's workshop knowing how to turn on my camera, shoot on auto and transfer and delete files from my camera. At the end of the week, I came away confident in using my camera and it's new found settings along with the knowledge that I had everything I needed to take my bird photography to the next level. The course was comprised of people at all levels of photography and Glenn gave individualized instructions to all of us depending on our degree of proficiency with the make and model of camera and lenses that we had. We were lucky enough to shoot in sun, rain and overcast skies which really took my experience with the different options on my camera to a whole new dimension. Glenn encouraged us to try different things and showed me a new way of looking at the birds from a photographic angle. He demonstrated what makes a good pictures and how to achieve a desirable result by just changing an angle or getting the light right. A master of photography and a fountain of knowledge, Glenn Bartley taught me that taking a picture of a bird goes far beyond just pointing and shooting.  The best testimonial I can give is to share what my family and friends said when I showed them some of the pictures I had taken during the week spent in Glenn's workshop. Wow... the workshop was worth every penny. We're amazed at the detail, composure and background that you were able to capture. Your bird pictures are incredible and we can hardly wait to see more.

Heather T. - Vancouver Island, 2013

Once again Glenn has provided the opportunity to see new bird species and fine tune photographic skills. He knows the birds! Glenn is always extremely helpful in photo tips and techniques, Photoshop processing, as well as just lending a hand when necessary. He has done his homework as to where to find the various species in their local habitats. He always has backup plans if one site is sub-optimal. This is my third trip with Glenn and my wife and I plan on another next year. He always has great places to eat and even better places for coffee. You will not be disappointed!

Paul S. – Vancouver Island, 2013

Glenn’s 2014 Vancouver Island Workshop was great.  I was new to digital and bird photography and had just received my 500mm lens, flash and other accessories 2 weeks before the class started.  I didn’t want to wait another year to learn this craft and expressed my concerns about holding back the rest of the class.  Glenn just laughed and told me that’s the purpose of workshops.  With only 4 students he was able to give us personal instruction, focusing on our individual needs.  Given the wet weather that time of year, he worked hard to select the best locations during the day using up to the minute weather reports.  Glenn has a keen knowledge of bird habits and a deep concern for their well-being.  He wanted us to get the shot but not at the risk of stressing the bird so the process took a bit longer while the bird was allowed calm down.  It was a very good 5 days as I was able to get sharp photos of birds in flight, adjust the camera to the correct exposure and consider the composition of the shot. I also learned how important it is to not just understand the traits/habits of the bird you desire to photograph but how important it is to understand the bird itself.  Respect and consider the bird, don’t stress it out since you are the one invading its territory.  Thanks Glenn.

Sharon H. – Vancouver Island, 2014

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent with me, trying to help with my meager photographic skills; believe it or not, many things sunk in, and I believe I've experienced a quantum leap in my photographic skills.

Larry P. – Ecuador, 2013

I married a man with a long-abiding passion for nature photography.  A year ago he decided that our lives would not be complete without going on a Glenn Bartley tour in Costa Rica.  Why?  Canadian, superior photographer, Glenn would teach him how to use a flash, we both wanted to tour Costa Rica, and wouldn’t this be the best opportunity ever! Glenn Bartley promised and he delivered.  We saw species of birds people can only dream about such as the resplendent quetzal and thousands upon thousands of hummingbirds.  The accommodation was more than adequate, the food totally acceptable and at times gourmet.  Not only did he teach me how to operate my camera but by tour’s end I was amazed at the images captured, including those I took with one of my husband’s cameras. We’ve made life-long friends along this journey and will certainly consider another Glenn Bartley tour in the near future.

Valerie and David V. – Costa Rica, 2014

Your coaching has made an impact on how I take pictures now. I really appreciate the importance of back ground, exposure control, even when not to take a picture because the conditions are not suitable. Previously, I suffered from the birder’s habits of trying to "list” the photograph.  Second, I appreciate the use of tripod now. Although I still use the monopod for recording purposes, I can clearly see the disadvantages in the results when I use it. You are right that for taking great photos you need a tripod. 

Shoaib T. – Ecuador, 2014

So one word about my first trip with Glenn Bartley: Fabulous! Glenn is a warm, caring and very attentive guide and leader (he is Canadian after all)  The trip is rigorous due to the high altitude, and the schedule is full but very well paced.  It is a change up to have to go out seeking the birds instead of leaning over the veranda rail with one hand on the coffee cup and one the camera. Actually many of the eco-lodges do have birds coming to feeders and we did the hummingbird multi-flash set ups and two of the lodges.  There were numerous short excursions to expand the incredible variety and quantity of birds for us to photograph.  I loved the locations, the food and the company. Glenn is mentoring an incredible young man, Jess Findlay also from British Columbia who will be leading some of his own trips soon. He looks too young at first but the moment he opened his mouth this wise, experienced and talented birder, photographer speaks out. They were both great fun.  I whole heartedly encourage you to take a trip with Glenn. He is a rare talent.

Cheryl C. – Ecuador, 2014

Being a newbie to serious bird photography, I learned valuable lessons from Glenn and the other workshoppers about how to improve one’s technical skills. And, even with less than ideal weather conditions for the majority of the workshop, Glenn was able to offer alternative sights and locations and techniques to keep the learning aspect going. Even when totally rained out, we had a productive Photoshop session one afternoon which I found quite useful. I would heartily recommend Glenn’s Victoria BC bird workshop to any and all bird photographers no matter what their experience level.

 Edward V. – Vancouver Island, 2013

This is my third Workshop with Glenn, following 2013 trips to Ecuador and Costa Rica, so it is obvious that I approve of the way these workshops are operated.  I think that they are good value for the money, and Glenn is just an outstanding instructor.  His workshops run so smoothly, and I have been very pleased with what I have learned and the quality of the images that I have made on each of these trips.  The Vancouver Island trip was especially helpful in that it involves situations and types of birds that are closer to the birds I encounter in my home environment. Consequently, much of what I learned on the trip was particularly adaptable to my local photography.  I love the tropical trips, but they are so different from local conditions. I highly recommend this workshop.

Scott H. – Vancouver Island, 2014

Want to thank you again for a wonderful trip, we learned so much and had so many opportunities to see different areas of Ecuador. It is a beautiful country and even in the walks where we did not see many birds we saw amazing scenery. I have a hard time describing to everyone how diverse and gorgeous Ecuador is, and we did not see but a small part of the country. Steve and I both learned a lot from you and Jess, now we just have to use those skills. As I go over my pictures I realize what worked and what didn’t, at least I think I do. I know I am a lot more aware of the background and not just so focused on the subject. Thank you again for your time and patience, and we look forward to joining you again.

Elizabeth L. – Ecuador, 2014

My recent Costa Rica workshop with Glenn Bartley was an unforgettable and valuable experience.  A dedicated instructor, Glenn not only provides a memorable opportunity for bird photography, but also Glenn commits himself to the improvement of each individual no matter one's level of skill.  I look forward to my next trip with Glenn and highly recommend this experience to all interested in bird photography. 

Joe M. - Costa Rica, 2013

I have attended a number of tours involving bird photography but this was by far the best; it surpassed my wildest expectations as to what might be possible, particularly in a tropical rainforest situation.  Glenn's level of knowledge about birds and how to photograph them in an aesthetically pleasing manner is outstanding!  Setting up photogenic perches near feeder locations brought in a diverse and colourful variety of birds.  The animals were most interesting as well: sometimes I felt like I was in a zoo—only I wasn't!  Both Glenn and our driver/local guide José were exceptional at finding wildlife of all kinds and at assisting us in all aspects of photographing it.  All the shooting locations were extremely well chosen and the lodges comfortable with great food.   You can't ask for a better photographic experience!

Linda B. - Costa Rica, 2013

This was my third workshop with Glenn and my first experience in Costa Rica.  The hallmark of Glenn’s trips is that they are extremely well organized.  The lodges where we stayed provided a great cross-section of Costa Rica birds.  At each of these lodges we were made to feel very welcome and comfortable.  The other participants on the trip were mostly very skilled photographers, and I learned a lot from my fellow participants as well as from Glenn and our co-leader, Greg Basco.   It was great having Greg on this trip.  Like Glenn, he is a very patient and skilled instructor.  He has a different style of photography, and it was helpful to have his perspective and insight.  My experiences with Glenn, have helped me improved my images, and I have already signed up for a workshop next year.

Scott H - Costa Rica, 2013

Exceeded my expectations. I would not go on any other workshop with anyone else but Glenn. And it was great to have Greg Basco there also. Some different techniques using the camera and Post processing of the images. We would receive individual attention as needed. I enjoyed receiving ideas about capturing images from Glenn and Greg. The side trips from each of these places were amazing too. I loved the way the workshop was started with the hottest place first. San jose/cerro lodge, tropical dry forest. Then we went to to aernal Observatory lodge which was lots cooler. The grand finale of the last Workshop being at the bosque de paz lodge. Very charming atmosphere there. Even the details in the rooms where we were staying were delightful. Yes, it was an awesome well planned itinerary. The locations, hotels, Food gave us the flavour of the country. We were well taken care of.

Cindy K - Costa Rica, 2013

This is a note of thanks for the magnificent 2013 Costa Rica Photo Workshop.  We had outstanding photo opportunities galore.  You personally added significant value to the trip with your knowledge of bird & wildlife behavior, your guidance on how to take advantage of the photo opportunities, and sharing your capture & post processing techniques.  I have been on many photo workshops but you are at the top as a leader fully dedicated to helping the participants.  Your style is very friendly and welcoming. Besides learning a lot, I came away with many strong images.  The workshop was lots of fun with a fine group of fellow participants.  It seems inevitable that I’ll joining more of your workshops in the future. 

Carl Z. - Costa Rica, 2013

My trip with Glenn to Costa Rica was fun.  It amazes me that a person can have such patience given the diversity of personalities on photography trips.  Glenn was patient throughout both during photo and computer sessions.  That says a lot given that I am not the most competent person with a computer. I arrived knowing little if anything about birds.  Glenn knows a lot about birds and Costa Rica so that was a great mix. He took us to locations where he knew we would see birds in abundance.  I know just a wee bit more about birds now and have a collection of very nice photos.  I might even learn their names as I wade through the processing exercise. The organisation of the trip was exceptional.  Everything went to plan and every detail was covered.  Jose, the local guide was amazingly helpful and also knows a great deal about photography so we effectively had three instructors. Overall, a very pleasing experience and one to be recommended.

Bernice F. - Costa Rica, 2013

Excellent teacher with patience surpassed by none.  Was able to quickly increase my skill level and understanding of both the camera and flash.  Just put it all together in a few quick suggestions. 

Bob J. - Costa Rica, 2014

This workshop exceeded my expectations by far. Not only is Glenn an excellent teacher but an excellent leader, with an impressive command of Spanish and knowledge of the prime areas for wildlife photography in Costa Rica. I particularly appreciated the way he helped us discover the optimum conditions for creating a pleasing image. I went home with the best photographs of my life because he knew where to take us and then showed us how to find birds on our own. I was constantly in awe of his patience and understanding of the birds he so beautifully photographs. I highly recommend his workshop.

Liz L. - Costa Rica, 2014

Jackie and I have enjoyed numerous wild-life and landscape photographic trips and workshops around the world over the past decade. Our recent travels with Glenn Bartley's Ecuador workshop ranks at the top of our travels.  Glenn is a teacher at heart, his workshops well designed and thought out, great attention to detail, innovative, and fun. He knows the territory having researched the available options and his knowledge, enthusiasm and vitality are boundless.  We experienced multi-flash photography lessons shooting hummingbirds resulting in spectacular images. Glenn puts his clients first. We weren't competing with trip leaders or guides when photographing. When we needed help, Glenn responded to our needs quickly. Glenn fosters great camaraderie with his clients. We found our diverse co-travelers eager to share information. We look forward to many more trips with Glenn.

Phil & Jackie H. - Ecuador, 2013

Glenn is a truly gifted photographer who unselfishly strives to improve the quality of the participant’s images.  He is always available to offer assistance and is readily and eagerly at your call should you need help, unlike other workshop organizers, he actually puts on a workshop where learning comes first – too many workshops are really just a means for the workshop leader to build his/her portfolio – to the contrary, Glenn rarely shoots when the group is shooting unless of course it is pictures of the group or during down time (when he is not teaching Photoshop).  Glenn’s workshops are a true bargain when one considers the time and effort he has put in to scout out the lodges and guides, the time he has put in training the guides to make the participant’s experience better and his overall knowledge of photography and birds.  Knowing the birds and their behavior and actually having been to the locations (believe it or not there are actually people who put on workshops in locations they have never been to) ensures that you will have all of the opportunity to get great shots – then it is just down to you (with help from Glenn) and the weather.  I can tell you that he is one of the best persons you can travel with and take a workshop from, looking forward to more trips with him.

Eric & Lana G. – Ecuador, 2013

The travel and accommodation arrangements ran very smoothly. The group size was about right and allowed good access to Glenn, ‘the expert’. The opportunity for some additional activities, e.g. equator, city, were welcome. The venues were superb and varied, well-chosen, as were the timings of each move on which maintained interest. Driving down to the Napo was the correct choice. This was a well-planned and well-executed trip which delivered all that we had hoped for.

Robert and Bridget I. – Ecuador, 2013

"I signed up for this workshop because I’ve been very impressed by Glenn’s website images, and wanted to learn his techniques for achieving such beautiful shots.  From perching bird setups to hummingbirds with flowers, and even birds in flight and amphibians on mossy settings, I was very pleased with what I learned.  Glenn is unique in his approach to photography workshops, in that he focuses on teaching and the participant, and rarely brought his own camera to a shoot.  His constant feedback and advice made for both good images and good learning, and I returned with both.  The workshop was well thought-out, with opportunities to experience quite a variety of nature photography techniques – macro, setups, flight, scenics.  My initial focus was pretty narrow, and this helped expand my interests and approaches.  I found both Glenn and Greg to be very supportive teachers, who have a common approach to most photographic situations, and work very well together.  The sites we went to had been well scouted, the lodges were comfortable, the food was good, and our group was very congenial.  I’d be happy to take another trip with Glenn."

Bob and Hano L. - Costa Rica, 2012

"I would have to say that the Costa Rica photography trip of April, 2012, with Glenn Bartley, was one of the best trips of my life. Yes, life!!! We had a blast together. We got along wonderfully and we laughed a lot. The lodging was excellent and meals, which we had together, were top-notch. For the most part, we had buffet style meals, so there was always an abundant selection.

The overall itinerary, pace of the class and the number of days at each lodge were all perfect, to get a taste of what Costa Rica has to offer. I can't wait to return and see more of this amazing country. It was just awesome to visit this country and see and photograph many of the beautiful birds who live there.

Some highlights of the class for me were photographing hummingbirds, in several different settings, and learning how to light them properly. We got a significant amount of time on several different days to practice this skill, while under close instructional supervision. The extra (prearranged) side trips that we took were great too.

I felt totally safe and well "cared-for" from the beginning to the end of our trip. All transportation was included, from airport pick-up at the beginning, to airport delivery at the end. 

I can't recommend Glenn highly enough, and already have my next photography trip booked!!!"

Cris H. - Costa Rica, 2012

"Glenn is well organized, easy to talk to, answers your questions in ways that you can understand without any ego involved. I was so impressed with Glenn that I signed up for another of his workshops before this one ended."

Dave I. - Costa Rica, 2012

"Excellent trip during which I met like-minded individuals with interest in bird photography.  Glenn and his group were excellent.  Well organized trip with many areas of interest providing great opportunities to photograph.  Many new techniques learned.  I would definitely go again on a trip that Glenn organized."

George V. - Costa Rica, 2012

"Simply one of the best photography workshops I have ever participated in. Not only was it extremely enjoyable but it was by far the most productive workshop I have taken in terms of the number of quality images that I was able to make. This was a result of the prime locations and/or special perch set-ups that Glenn arranged and that afforded us such extraordinary photo opportunities. During our workshop, most of his time was spent helping clients and not photographing. He is an exemplary teacher and focused his efforts on providing clients with the knowledge and opportunity to take their photography to the next level.
Glenn is an extremely knowledgeable naturalist, birder, and gifted photographer whose expertise in tropical bird photography in Central and South America is unrivaled. He has spent extensive time travelling and photographing in various countries including Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, etc and speaks fluent Spanish. There are any number of photographers who have little experience in Costa Rica but will ‘take you there’. However, their knowledge and understanding of the country and its wildlife is as limited as their clients. Glenn is a consummate professional who is simply a pleasure to travel with and to learn from. Just a terrific experience."

Keith K. - Costa Rica, 2012

"This is my second trip with Glenn. I had participated on an exciting and rewarding trip to Ecuador in 2011 and found Glenn to truly be an expert in his knowledge of both the birds and photographing them. Therefore, I was not disappointed to find the Costa Rica trip to be even more rewarding.  While the Ecuador trip focused largely on hummingbirds due to the huge varieties found there, this trip included hummers and a nice variety of other beautiful tropical species. In addition, the animals of the rain forest were a wonderful bonus. The group I was in was very enjoyable with affable and knowledgeable people. My wife, who is not a photographer, thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the company. Glenn is fun to be with and is good at teaching the basics of photography as well as more advanced techniques. He knows the birds and where to find them. He can identify the bird before I can even find it. You will come home with beautiful pictures. The trip was well planned and the accommodations and food were outstanding. I am sure to be traveling with and learning from Glenn again."

Paul S. - Costa Rica, 2012

"Hi Glenn, Except for the walk back to the lodge in a downpour from the Quetzal nest tree (I’m pretty sure you pulled me up the hill!), I loved every minute of it!  It was an incredibly good trip that totally surpassed my expectations.  I expected this year’s trip to be like last year’s trip, part 2, but it was so much better (surprising for a sequel!), and that’s because of you.

This is the only advice I can give you: don’t change anything.  You are really good at what you do.  I think in part that’s because you have chosen to be a specialist.  You have a niche, and it is certainly not lost on us that you know Neotropical birds and you know where to find them.  Keith is thrilled with his photos.  I’m thrilled that I saw so many beautiful birds, a lot more than last year.

You have a really nice way about you.  You manage to lead your group without trying to dominate it, and that’s just as well, because I’m sure all your trips are filled with guys with Type A personalities.  I know that Keith has tremendous respect for your photographic skills and your willingness to share your expertise, and I appreciate your birding skills (though it might be better if I didn’t know that you once went to a Halloween party dressed as a birder!!).  You do a good job of spreading yourself around and giving attention to everyone.  You spent more time with me than I would have imagined (thank you!), but I don’t think that it was to the detriment of the photographers.  It helps that you keep your groups small.  I’ve been on just enough of these trips with Keith to know how important it is to the photographers to eat dinner somewhere near the person leading the trip – the person they paid to be with!  We were always at a small enough table that everyone could interact with you. It was a great trip!  Thank you!"

Sharon K. - Costa Rica, 2012

"This was my first photo trip where the focus was on the learning experience, and the individual. Glenn is an excellent teacher, organizer and a true professional in his approach. At the same time he is friendly and part of the group. You truly like him at the end of the week. His knowledge base and sense of the variety that is needed is to be greatly admired. Some have no clue and focus primarily on their own work.

Glenn, while a fine photographer in his own right, never hesitates to share his knowledge. In addition, he maintains a sense of the natural environment in what he does. Artistry is fine but nature comes through at all times. I particularly appreciate this, since it can soon become “fake” if too much artistry is applied."

Louise B. - Costa Rica, 2012

"This was my second trip with Glenn. I had a great time with him and our group in Ecuador last year and decided to sign on for his Costa Rica workshop this year. I can only say that I have not only no regrets but plan to be on his Peru workshop next year. The trip was a resounding success. Although photography is obviously an important part of these workshops, for me the most attractive feature is the fact that Glenn has scouted the tropics for me and put together and experience that, if I had to acquire it on my own, would take months of trial and error. Thanks Glenn. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!"

Manfred K. - Costa Rica, 2012

"I believe Glenn is an exceptional instructor and tour leader.  He shows amazing patience and is always willing to help one out regardless of the issue be it gear, clothing, computer or lack of understanding of some of the technical issues.  I also enjoy the fact that he shows ultimate respect for the wildlife we photograph.  Glenn went out of his way to ensure that we were not stressing the birds we were photographing by being too close, by getting them off the nest in cool conditions or in having them display stressful behavior.  He wanted us to get the appropriate shots but not at the expense of the subjects that nature offered us."

Bob H. - Churchill, 2012

"After my trip to Churchill with Glenn Bartley, I have no doubt that I will join him in another photo adventure. The workshop was very well balanced, with time in the field to capture great images and time to learn and improve my digital workflow and photo editing skills. All this thanks to Glenn’s knowledge and his skills as a birder, photographer and teacher."

Jesus F. - Churchill, 2012

The trip to Churchill was exceptional, all due to Glenn's expertise in the field and on the computer. He knew where to find the birds and where to place the photographers to ensure our success. A person could wander the tundra for days and never find the birds we photographed. I truly appreciated his concern for the nesting birds. He made sure that we didn't stress the parents or endanger their eggs. Glenn is a great teacher, patient and willing to share his knowledge both on the computer and in the field. Thank you Glenn!

Judy A. - Churchill, 2012

"Put quite simply, Glenn does his homework and puts you in front of the birds. In really appreciate the fact that, unlike so many other workshop leaders, he devotes his time to finding the birds, setting up the shots and instructing, and rarely takes out his own camera. This is a real plus! You have his complete attention, which is what you are paying for. I have no hesitation in recommending his workshops."

Mike W. - Churchill, 2012

"The Churchill workshop was a real adventure. For someone who’d never been to the tundra, it was a wonderful week exploring a unique environment. I appreciated the balance between taking photos outside and polishing them inside. It was great to practice taking photos of nesting birds, flying birds, and perching birds, and to take photos in ponds, ice floes, tundra, and forest. The workshop was organized, yet flexible. Glenn was respectful and kind to each participant, regardless of their previous experience or level of knowledge. I never felt rushed, nor ever lacked for something to do. Glenn approached each activity with a gentle manner and easy-going sense of humor that helped a group of strangers quickly become friends. I’m really glad I went."

Terrie G. - Churchill, 2012

"Glenn’s knowledge of the area, location of birds, and teaching abilities are as good as it gets. His primary focus is to get you home with excellent images, helping you with everything from camera settings to advanced time saving Photoshop techniques. Rain or shine, Glenn always had a plan and knew where to go to make the best images. I learned more than I thought possible in one week and am looking forward to learning even more of Glenn’s excellent techniques on my next workshop with him."

James F. - Vancouver Island, 2012

"Glenn, Just a quick note and a big thank you for an excellent workshop. My sincere thanks for all the assistance you gave me in helping me around slippery terrain and carrying my equipment over rocky places. You were far to kind to an OLD man. The big THANK YOU goes to you in helping me get my nemesis bird the VARIED THRUSH. I WAS QUITE PLEASED WITH MY IMAGES. THANKS AGAIN and Until we meet again."

Alan N. - Vancouver Island, 2012

"Glenn did a wonderful job of conducting this workshop. He spent as much time with each participant as needed, not spending most of the time shooting like some leaders. Whether you knew a little or a lot Glenn was very patient with his instruction and always had something to offer. He obviously knew when to be at which site to maximize light, tides and weather. Fortunately we had decent weather most of the week. Glenn was also willing to work with preferences from the group on where and what they wanted to shoot. I look forward to another workshop with Glenn."

Jeff M. - Vancouver Island, 2012

"I've had a great time on Glenn's Ecuador hummingbird extravaganza, and now on his Vancouver Island flight school, and can recommend his workshops without reservations. Glenn has all the "tools" – he's a first rate photographer, a superior teacher, and an expert birder and biologist, and he unfailingly goes the extra mile to make sure his students enjoy and learn from their time with him. Before leading newbies into action, Glenn spends weeks or months on his own getting to know locations, local experts, and the best times to visit, and this preparation makes the difference between a merely good experience and the better-than-just-good workshops that Glenn develops. He has a talent for making sure that there's enough time spent on good locations to get the images you want, and making sure there's enough variation from day to day to avoid the feeling of routine. He pays close attention to figuring out what each student needs to improve on, technically and artistically, and keeps his groups small enough to work well for each person lucky enough to make it to the top of the waiting list. Fully recommended."

Rich M. - Vancouver Island, 2012

"Glenn Bartley, is a charming, fit, and very pleasant young man with strong interpersonal skills and a lot of common sense. Your enjoyment and satisfaction are his focus. He has spent many months in South and Central America; he knows the birds, their habits and habitats, and where and how they can best be photographed. His knowledge of cameras and photography, and his skills as a bird photographer are exceptional. He speaks excellent Spanish and interacts with the lodge owners and staff, driver, and guides with ease - just what you want in a foreign country when difficulties arise. Glenn applies his skills and wisdom to make sure you capture images you will be proud of. He is constantly monitoring your shooting position and set-up and will take corrective action when needed. If you are having an argument with your gear, Glenn is there instantly to sort it out. If you are having difficulty carrying your rig, Glenn will volunteer to carry it while you catch your breath. Oh yes, his Spanish lessons are free!"

Glen F. - Ecuador, 2012

"Glenn, this was a fantastic trip. You are at once a skilled photographer, personable and competent leader and someone who feels like a friend. The workshop helped me to develop aspects of my photography that would be difficult to do any other way. Ecuador was fantastic and I am impressed with your knowledge of the birds, culture and language of the country. Your photographic skills were evident during all photographic settings and they were selflessly passed on if and when needed but were not obtrusive. Your trip planning was impeccable and certainly optimized our ability to capture images that we had only dreamed about. The trip found a perfect balance between overload and relaxation. The diversity of habitats visited was beyond my expectations. There were moments during the trip – like the early morning silent paddles in the Amazon tributaries – that will linger at the fore of my memories forever."

Dan B. - Ecuador, 2012

"Glenn is exceptionally knowledgeable about the country, the wildlife (especially birds)l and the nature photographic discipline. He is also quite conversant with the computer software appropriate to that discipline. He has a good rapport with the staff at the lodges and has done a good job of working out the organizational details. For the most part, all the guest has to do is to show up and start shooting."

Bill H. - Ecuador, 2012

"My first trip with Glenn Bartley wast to Churchill last June. That was exceptional and I enjoyed Glenn's knowledge, friendship and generally how he conducted his tour. As a result I had NO HESITATION joining his Ecuador tour. I was not dissapointed and all arrangements (transport, accomodation, lodges chosen for birds, food, guidance, etc.) were FIRST CLASS. I would not consider any other tour leader!"

Kwan C. - Ecuador, 2012

"Glenn is a wonderful teacher, both in the field and during informal, individualized computer workshops that were held in the evenings or afternoons. His constructive comments during our photo sessions were extremely helpful, and we were constantly challenged to watch backgrounds, light, etc. Glenn is also able to work with a variety of abilities and personalities, and fosters an atmosphere of co-operation and teamwork in participants. The various lodges where we stayed were well-chosen for the diversity of birds at each one, and it was especially encouraging to watch Glenn as he interacted with the lodge owners in friendly, respectful ways. We were treated well by our guides and hosts, and it was obvious that they enjoyed having "Glenn and his group" as guests. Glenn is highly organized, and we benefited from his well-planned itinerary. When our schedules had to be altered because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances, there was always a "Plan B" that was ready to be implemented! I have appreciated Glenn's work and contributions to the world of bird photography for some time. It was a privilege to work with him and learn from him on this trip."

Merri-Lee M. - Ecuador, 2012

"Participation in a Glenn Bartley Photography workshop has been one of the most rewarding experiences I can recall. Glenn is a gifted teacher. He recognizes the particular goals and learning needs of each of the participants and addresses them with equal interest and attention. The overall spirit of learning and fun we all enjoyed can be attributed to his excellent leadership and guidance. Glenn’s creativity extends beyond his approach to photography to his ability to meet the challenges and vagaries of international travel in sometimes-difficult conditions. Plan B frequently came into play when Plan A was abandoned to weather or road conditions, and was always interesting and enjoyable. I highly recommend Glenn’s Photography Workshop to photographers of all skill levels."

Donna T. - Ecuador, 2012

"I had been looking forward to attending Glenn's workshop for a few years. The entire trip was a blast. Glenn was a great instructor: he was patient with everyone, took the time to clearly explain what we were going to do each day, spent time with each of us, and made adjustments appropriately when the weather changed for the good and the bad. He was able to put each participant on the target birds for each location very successfully. The lodging and hospitality was fantastic, the food was outstanding, and our transportation and driver (along with being a great bird and flower spotter) was top notch! I can't leave out my fellow participants as they helped make the trip very fun with their great senses of humor and respect for each other. Lastly, the birds were the highlight of the trip and they were just as I had hoped, phenomenal! Gracias Glenn, I hope to see you on another workshop soon with my Glenn Bartley fanny pack!"

Bryan H. - Ecuador, 2012

"Glenn did an exceptional job in preparing for the workshop, scouting the area well and ensuring that we got the very best opportunities by knowing exactly where to go and when would be the best time. He is an inspirational leader. Always helpful and responsive to the individual needs of each member of the group as well as being genuine great and funny company to have around. What really impressed me is that Glenn always put the welfare of the wildlife first, advising us to act most appropriately while simultaneously making sure that we had more than a fair chance to achieve truly great results!"

Roland M. - Churchill, 2011

"I joined this Workshop because I had heard so much about Churchill’s birds, but I had no clue as to where to go to find the many bird species there.  Glenn’s Workshop was clearly one that merited consideration.  Glenn’s technique and quality of images shown on his website were what I had hoped to achieve.  I therefore signed up. I had no idea what to expect of the Workshop, but I can categorically say that it far exceeded my expectations.  Glenn was excellent at finding birds and I certainly would have failed miserably if I had visited Churchill myself.  And, I thank him wholeheartedly for his very successful efforts.  All of my target birds were successfully photographed, beginning with the main one, the Pacific Loon, and ending with a bonus Northern Waterthrush in exquisite light. Needless to say, I’d highly recommend it!"

Kwan C. - Churchill, 2011

"Glenn went out of his way to provide us with exceptional and extraordinary experiences.  Having been on a workshop before with Glenn, he is a great teacher and I would definitely attend another workshop with him at any time."

Myer B. - Churchill, 2011

"My wife and I at the request of a friend decided to go with Glenn for this trip.  All of us had a great time and we are looking forward to the Ecuador trip next year with Glenn. During the 6 days in Churchill, I used 120gb of memory in my laptop! Glenn was very patient and helpful and engaging. Would go with him again without ANY reservation. Cheers!"

Homin L. - Churchill, 2011

"Glenn, As I said at the end of the tour, well done! You did a superb job finding us subjects and setting us up for the best opportunities. The great weather was a bonus. A brilliant tour! I'm sure we will shoot together again one day. I truly admire your work and its technical mastery. You are on an amazing path, so accomplished at a young age. Keep it up my friend!"

Middleton E. - Churchill, 2011

"My photo trip with you to Costa Rica was everything I hoped it would be with one-on-one training in a beautiful country with fantastic birds.  I found your patient, persistent and skilled teaching to be what I wanted and needed and I believe that I came away a better photographer.  My head was spinning at times with the challenge of so much information so fast but it turns out that the result is just what I needed.  The proof is in my finished photographs.  I continue to be surprised by your often being out shooting with our small group side by side without using your own camera.  When you did take your camera I learned by your example.  To me that demonstrated your focus on why I was there - to learn to make better photographs of a subject I love.  For you, it was not just about our paying you to take your own photographs.  You put first things first.  This was an exceptional workshop.  I have done others but know that yours was exceptional in the level of individualized attention given, the quality of the content and what I took away from it.

Your energy, positive disposition, focus on the purpose of the workshop and patient assistance to each member of our diverse group was remarkable.  I hope you never lose those qualities.  Keep in mind that I have been married to a gifted teacher for many years.  She too remarked often on your skills."

Sam P. - Costa Rica, 2011

"My visit to Costa Rica with Glenn exceeded all my expectations. A great country, great birding and great opportunities for photography. But above all, Glenn provided top class, professional and patient advice and instruction in order to help me make the most of those opportunities.

It was only after 4 days that Glenn produced his own camera, and that was in order to lend it to one of the other participants. (I was already using his tripod due to a problem with mine!) Glenn did not use the trip as a way to take his own photographs but was constantly available to advise, support and encourage.
His evening workflow and Photoshop sessions were also highly informative and many aspects have been incorporated into my own approach.

Before I set off I had told Glenn that I was highly impressed by the photos that I had seen from the trip to Ecuador. He advised me that I would return with similar photos. I doubted that this would happen, but now know that he was right.

I will certainly be trying to do more trips with Glenn, and would have no hesitation in recommending his workshops.
Incidentally, he is also a genuinely nice bloke and good company!"

Steve C. - Costa Rica, 2011

"Dear  Glenn, Thank  you very much for providing an exceptional workshop in Costa Rica. Your patience and teaching ability is the best I have experienced on a photographic tour. Other firsts for me were your efforts in getting all your tour members good photos before taking any for yourself and helping a 70plus years old from the slide era. I believe that by keeping groups small and your enthusiasm for Bird Photography, Computer applications and brilliant photos as on your website, you will continue to be one of the worlds very top Workshop Wildlife Leaders."

John B. Costa Rica, 2011

"To me Glenn combines the skill of a good teacher with the understanding and patience of a good coach.  Under his tutoring my photography skill level did increase as did my understanding of the capabilities of my own camera.  Glenn is very patient and was always there to help.  On his workshop the client is the most important person, or at least that was how I felt and believe that was the truth for all of us.  For a young man he displayed lots of wisdom and his week and each day was very well planned out.  I look forward to more workshops with him."

Bob H. - Vancouver Island, 2011

"I have been on multiple photo workshops given by a number of excellent people and Glenn Bartley is right at the top of the list. There were only four of us participating in the workshop and Glenn gave us individual attention. He spent his time making sure we were set up the right way adjusting cameras, tripods, or whenever needed adjustment and spent the majority of his time with us rather than doing his own photography. When Glenn had us taking flight pictures of the ducks he would walk 200+ yards down the beach to put food into the water in order to draw the ducks down to him, then he would walk 200+ yards back above us and do the same thing. This causes the ducks to fly, and we were able to have lots of chances to work on our flight photography. He also made sure that we were in positions so that we would not be getting in the way of one of the other participants. Because this is his home area, Glenn knew it extremely well and had special places to go so that we could obtain photos of the rarest species of birds. We were able to do photography in backyards where he had perches and blinds set up so that we could obtain the photographs that we wanted. So in closing, I would recommend Glenn's workshops highly."

Myer B. - Vancouver Island, 2011

"The Vancouver Island workshop with Glenn Bartley is my 10th workshop and it ranks at the top of the list in terms of amazing close-up opportunities and the attentive instruction. I have photographed waterbirds at premier locations across North America and Glenn's spots in Victoria are some of the best flight photography venues that I have ever experienced. Exceptional opportunities for pintail, wigeon, mallard, goldeneye and bufflehead in flight. Other highlights include small ponds for intimate duck portraits, seabirds and shorebirds along the beautiful rocky shoreline, tight portraits of songbirds and the spectacular Anna’s hummingbird, and a delightful trip to a temperate rainforest stream with the ever entertaining American dipper. Nice participants in the workshop and new friends made are always a bonus. Victoria is a most gracious city to visit!"

Middleton E. - Vancouver Island, 2011

"If you would like to have a great time photographing birds from someone who is very skilled and "knows his stuff," then Glenn's your man. Glenn's workshop in his home territory of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, BC, was not only fun, but very educational. I had an absolute blast and can't wait to go on another photography trip with him. I picked up a lot of tips form Glenn  ---- everything from in-camera settings, to exposure compensation, to taking flight shots, to using multiple flashes, to learning more about the birds themselves.

Being part of a small group was wonderful. We each received much individual attention and Glenn gave us many opportunities to photograph a large variety of birds in their own environment. He knew when and where to go for the best opportunities. In spite of lots of wet weather, Glenn always had an alternative plan ready to go. We visited public places, privates residences and made the best use of the time we had. Particularly interesting was watching the ducks "follow" Glenn with his bag of seed, as he was getting them to fly for us. What a great way to practice shooting birds in flight!

We spent a few hours two different times doing some post processing and his skill in that area is also second to none. He shared many techniques and ideas with us that I found to be particularly valuable. Another benefit of participating in a workshop like this is seeing new places and making new friends. This trip was no exception. Accommodations were very comfortable, attention to detail was exceptional, and Victoria is a beautiful city.

Photographing birds with Glenn is as good as it gets! Thanks Glenn!"

Cris H. - Vancouver Island, 2011

This was an excellent learning experience for me. I was able to gain more knowledge about how to take my photos to the next level of ability and expertise. Glenn does not use a camera at anytime during the workshop and instead concentrates on each of the participants according to their needs and skills. I thought this was an excellent approach and offered many and varied opportunities for learning. I would have no problem at all in taking another Workshop from Glenn or recommending his workshops to others.

Dave L. - Vancouver Island, 2011

A first class workshop in every way, with plenty of great subjects and organized to cope with the variable Victoria weather, so that we lost no shooting time. Glenn committed ALL his time to organizing the opportunities and teaching photo techniques so that photographers of all levels of experience were able to improve their images. His attention to the smallest details on backgrounds, shooting angles, lighting, flash, etc. made for a very successful five days, with lots of top quality images. I would definitely recommend this workshop to other photographers.

Ian N.  - Vancouver Island, 2011

I highly recommend Glenn's Vancouver Island Photography Workshop. Glenn is an excellent teacher, extremely knowledgeable about his craft and skilled at finding and approaching the species that we were there to photograph. His computer skills also match his birding and photography expertise---an important part of todays photography. I came away with a much better understanding of the post processing procedure. Never a moment wasted--Glenn keeps the workshop vibrant and always interesting  to the very end. There is never any doubt that this is well organized and well thought out program. The small group insures a lot of one on one help and Glenn is always right there to answer any questions. Great accommodations and attention to details make for a very impressive experience. First class all the way! 

Bonnie B. - Vancouver Island, 2011

"Glenn is an amazingly well-organized, detail-oriented, experienced, and knowledgeable workshop leader. Fortunately , he also has a good sense of humor and is not prone to panic attacks if things do not go according to plan and improvisation is called for. He is a perfectionist who carries a role of duck tape in his pocket , just in case . He maintains a great balance between organized photo sessions ( with discrete suggestions for improvement at all skill levels) and unstructured times when we were free to roam in order to pursue our own interests or take a nap. As a person who has had a life - long interest in birds, I was especially grateful and pleased to find that Glenn is not only a technically very accomplished photographer but also a very experienced ornithologist eager to share his knowledge and love of birds. He knows his birds and he knows where to find them. If you are fascinated by hummingbirds and if you would like to find and photograph some truly amazing members of t his large bird family, such as the improbable Sword-billed Hummingbird, the Long-tailed or Violet-tailed sylphs, the spectacular Booted Racket-tail, the Giant Hummingbird, the Ecuadorian Hillstar at 14000 f t (!) , and the over 30 other hummingbird species we saw , then Ecuador is the place and Glenn's workshop is the ideal vehicle for this adventure. If you don't mind seeing and photographing Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, several species of colorful tanagers, trogons, Golden-headed Quetzal, Red-headed Barbet , Crimson-rumped Toucanet , Torrent Duck, and many other high-altitude tropical birds along the way , you may want to sign up. By keeping enrollment in this workshop limited to a small number, Glenn is able to provide an experience impossible in a larger group. I recommend his workshop very highly and am planning to join him again in another venue next year".

Manfred K. - Ecuador, 2011

"This workshop in Ecuador was my first photo workshop with Glenn and I was not disappointed. He certainly lived up to his reputation. Glenn KNOWS the birds and where to find them. Glenn is very detail oriented and it showed in the planning and execution of this trip. There was nothing left to chance and there were no hitches during the ten days. The transportation, the lodging, and the food were far above my expectations. He has selected sites and lodges about which  he has firsthand knowledge. We were rewarded by Glenn's diligence in seeing a broad variety of avian life. He provided opportunities for all in the group to be successful at photography. His knowledge of photography and the techniques particular to nature photography are excellent and he is able to convey this information in easy to understand terms. We could not stump him (try as we might!). I would not only highly recommend one of Glenn's workshops but would also take another one myself".

Paul S. - Ecuador, 2011

“This is a very well run workshop, and I'd recommend it highly.  Glenn is an excellent teacher, able to find things to teach to people at all levels of photographic skill (and levels of bird-watching expertise).  Some tour leaders seem more interested in their own photos than in helping and teaching students, but Glenn is clearly (and effectively) committed to teaching first.  His contacts, knowledge of where to go, whom to talk to, where birds and food are hidden are all important elements in the success of the program, and would be hard to replicate in a tour led by someone without Glenn's extensive experience in Ecuador. The workshop is very well planned, with new events and excursions spaced frequently to avoid boredom and maintain "first day" excitement”.

Rich M. - Ecuador, 2011

 "I was a participant in a recent workshop to Ecuador to photograph hummingbirds with Glenn Bartley.  He is a most accomplished photographer and has a tremendous talent for teaching others how to improve their own skills.  It was my first experience with a photo workshop such as this one, and I am a complete rookie when it comes to photography.  It did not matter the level of skill that I did or did not possess. Glenn was able to share knowledge with everyone at every level whether they were or a pro or an amateur and enable them to expand their knowledge in a learning conducive environment.  Glenn willingly shared his knowledge and experience and provided constant praise and encouragement to everyone.  He was patient, dedicated and committed to ensuring everyone enjoyed every aspect of the trip.  I would most certainly give anyone a recommendation who was looking for a similar excursion.  The small number of participants ensured everyone got the time and attention they required to improve their skills. His experience with the birds of Ecuador was an incredible asset and his knowledge and ability to converse in Spanish with the guides and lodge owners was of benefit to each of us.  Not only has he inspired me to take up the hobby of photography, he has provided me with extra incentive to pursue learning a new language.  Learning Spanish is something that has been on my "to do list" a very long time and I am now motivated to pursue that desire.  He has definitely chosen the correct life career and it is obvious he is committed and passionate in helping others succeed and advance their skills in this area".

Lori S. - Ecuador, 2011
"I recently attended a bird photography workshop in Ecuador with Glenn and I would highly recommend his workshops to anyone.  Glenn's knowledge of the birds, equipment and the digital darkroom is a huge asset and my photos from the workshop were indeed impressive.  Glenn was  very familiar with the many species of birds in Ecuador and their behaviour, which is essential for a successful workshop.  He was always close at hand to answer a question or address a problem, and I believe I came away a better photographer. This was my first workshop and the thought of traveling alone was a concern, but after meeting Glenn at the airport my fears were put to rest and I sure hope that I will be able to go on another sometime soon. Thanks Glenn!"

Rosemarry H. - Ecuador, 2011
"I was impressed with Glenn’s energy and helpfulness throughout the workshop. He had excellent knowledge of the locations.  He also demonstrated good photographic technique, equipment, and Photoshop knowledge.  I would definitely feel confident of attending another workshop, and highly recommend him".

Terry S. - Ecuador, 2011

''Glenn Bartley is an exceptional teacher when it comes to the 'computer' and its many applications and challenges. As a recent student of his, I have admired his infinite patience and encouragement during my struggles at grasping new concepts. Not only do I appreciate his ability to teach, I am also captivated by his style of expression when depicting nature in photographs. His shared wisdom, and teaching style, can benefit anyone in his company. I have also enjoyed this same experience while participating in one of Glenn’s recent photo workshops to Churchill. I hope to continue to learn much more with Glenn in the world of computers and with photographic forays into the world of Nature.''

Marie O. - Vancouver Island, 2010

Dear Glenn, Theresa and I would like to thank you for an excellent workshop in Victoria.  Overall, the experience far exceeded our expectations.  Your knowledge of the individual species and local habitat put us in the right place with the right light.  Your attention to detail ensured we were getting the best opportunity for shooting.  Your excellent photographic skills allowed you to make individual suggestions that were quite helpful in the field.

Bill & Theresa P. - Vancouver Island, 2010

What a terrific opportunity for photography and to learn from a great guy. Great value.  I will definitely be back! Thank you Glenn!

Glen F. - Vancouver Island, 2010

Glenn is an exceptional, hard-working photographer and always puts his client's needs first. Locations are well researched and - if the circumstances aren't ideal - he always makes the best out of it. I would certainly come back for another tour. 

Roland M. - Vancouver Island, 2010

" My workshop with Glenn was exceptional! You really put out 110% effort to make sure your workshops are successful and you delivered on all of the target species mentioned on your website. Thanks again for helping me carry my gear over the slippery rocks."

Jim U. - Vancouver Island, 2010

"Glenn's teaching style is easy and relaxed with great verbal skills and techniques. What surprised me most about Glenn's Photoshop classes was that I'm having fun learning computer skills, that I look forward to our next lesson and that Glenn can take the mystery out of all this technical jargon...I am very fortunate that I was introduced to Glenn!

Lydia D. - Vancouver Island, 2009

"I highly recommend Glenn’s Photoshop classes to anyone wanting to improve their Photoshop skills and improve their picture taking abilities.  Glenn’s teaching style is simple and effective.  He is able to quickly assess ones level and start giving effective instruction immediately.  He freely gives his expertise as a photographer to his students."

Bill S. - Vancouver Island, 2009